Comparing In-House vs. Digital Marketing Agencies: How Much Does Each Cost?

Comparing In-House vs. Digital Marketing Agencies: How Much Does Each Cost?

Business owner deciding between in-house and digital marketing agencies. Which is preferable: hiring a digital marketing agency or handling your own marketing internally? Usually, there are two considerations when making that choice: money and time.

We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of working with an agency vs doing your own marketing in this post, along with some questions to think over.

By the conclusion, you’ll know enough to make an informed choice about whether your company will handle inbound marketing internally or by employing a third party. Now let’s get going.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Agency vs. In-House Marketing

You may be having trouble deciding whether to handle your own marketing (which can be a difficult process) or entrust it to an agency. My intention is to ease your decision-making process a little.

Let’s start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of performing inbound marketing on your own versus using an agency.

Self-Marketing: Advantages

You are in total control of the entire procedure. Your campaigns’ voice, tone, and style are all under your control. You are in charge of every stage of the procedure as it is carried out (not after it is finished). This implies that you can always alter the campaign’s tactics or course at any time. The shorter communication chain allows you to make judgments faster.

All the components of your marketing process are within your control. You won’t be able to see every strategy or procedure used by the agency you work with because some partners prefer to keep certain of their marketing methods confidential. What would you pay them for, otherwise? The main benefit is that they spare you the agony of having to consider marketing procedures.

digital marketing consultants on lead4biz
digital marketing consultants on lead4biz

Self-Marketing: Drawbacks

Gaining proficiency in all the components of an inbound marketing campaign takes time. There’s a learning curve that takes effort and time to go through trial and error.

Your ability to do inbound marketing is limited by your personal expertise. The time and effort required for marketing can drive you to neglect other aspects of your organization.

In comparison to working with a marketing firm, outcomes could take longer to achieve. Agencies will have a minimum of two to three employees working on your campaigns, and they are more knowledgeable. You’ll therefore see benefits sooner.

Let’s now examine the benefits and drawbacks of using an agency.

Using an Agency: Benefits

You receive a group of highly skilled professionals working for you. The agency will offer you with an elite marketing team, saving you the trouble of hiring one yourself. Furthermore, the marketing agency might impart some knowledge to your own staff.

You’ll soon notice outcomes. Employing an agency will save you time as they already have a working method that has produced results for previous clients.

You have more time to engage in tasks that really bring in money. The game of digital marketing is lengthy.

You may concentrate on the aspects of your business that are more important and will pay off right now by outsourcing your inbound marketing.

You’ll get superior outcomes. Because marketing companies have access to so many useful information and tools, your chances of achieving greater outcomes are increased. If you choose to buy these tools, it might also cost you hundreds of dollars.

Using an Agency: Drawbacks

Agencies for digital marketing are less flexible. Decision-making may take longer due to the lengthy communication chain.

Companies are expensive. Employing an agency may come with a hefty monthly cost.

The marketing process is not something you have much influence over. For instance, you simply cannot elect to alter or end the procedure at any time.

There’s a chance the partnership won’t last. You may have to spend a lot of time and money on this.

How much does it cost to work with a digital marketing agency?

Each digital marketing campaign is unique, tailored to the service or product being advertised. It’s also vital to keep in mind that agency work will come at a varied cost depending on the amount of assistance, involvement, and experience you require.

The elements of a marketing campaign completed internally (represented by the number of hours required) are contrasted with the possible cost if you engaged an agency in the chart below. These figures are meant to provide you with a ballpark estimate of what to expect in terms of costs as you start the planning process. The agency will be able to provide you with further information about their particular services and costs if you choose to engage with them.


Developer of Buyer Personas $6 hours at $1000

Development of Content Ideas $200 in 3 hours

16 hours, 8 blog pieces, $1600 (8 articles at $200)

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One exclusive deal $625 in six hours

Button for calls to action and landing page$150 in 1.5 hours

Series of emails nourishing $200 in 3 hours

Social Allocation $500 in 2 hours

Paid Promotion $1000 (not counting the expense of management)

Total: $41,500; 41.5 hours

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A one-month digital marketing campaign will take more than forty hours to set together internally, or about $6000 if you pay an agency to execute it for you. Keep in mind that some of these duties may be beyond the experience of in-house marketing teams. The procedure will take longer if you include in hours of research into how agencies function as well as training for your team members.

It’s likely that you may need to pay the fees on a retainer while dealing with an agency. They might devote all of their time on content distribution in some months, while in others they might concentrate on content creation. Every marketing agency has its own terms and conditions, so before you sign any contracts, it’s crucial to speak with someone and go over the details.

What to Inquire About Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Firm

It can be very difficult to choose a digital marketing company that is right for your organization because they come in all different shapes and sizes. To find a good fit, you can, however, ask potential digital marketing agencies a few questions.

ask the quetion for leads4biz
ask the question for leads4biz

What methods and resources do you employ to produce outcomes?

Which tactics do you employ for your brand, and what has been successful so far?

To what extent will you involve your internal team?

How often do you assess your clients’ success? How do you quantify it?

When can I anticipate beginning to see outcomes?

What is the price of your services? Will there be additional expenses, like any subscriptions required to put the strategy into practice?

Which of your recent mistakes did you make, and how did you fix them?

This last question can sound excessively blunt, but there are situations where learning how a potential partner handles failures is a more telling indicator of their character than their accomplishments. You must understand that your agency will support you in the event that something goes wrong.

Advice for Selecting the Best Digital Marketing Firm

In addition to asking the appropriate questions, there are a few more tips that might assist you in selecting the best agency. Below are a handful of them:

Find out from the agency’s clients what they have done. Locate their current and former clients, and inquire about their experiences with the service.

Examine the agency’s endorsements and reviews. They will help you determine whether it’s worth your time and give you a sense of what it’s like to work with the organization.

Examine the webpage of the business. It’s best to work with a marketing firm that has experience putting what it’s offering you on its website into practice. It’s likely that they’ll be a little erratic with your site as well if there are details lacking from their website.

Don’t dismiss the warning signs. Consider whether you can fulfill their promises without resorting to unsolicited outbound methods and how feasible their claims are. Using black hat marketing techniques could put your brand at serious harm down the road.

Try it with a beer. Working with someone you get along with is what you want. Therefore, consider if you would feel at ease having a beer with the expert you have been paired with. If the response is negative, you two are probably incompatible.

Take a test drive. It’s common for marketing organizations to insist that you sign a contract. Prior to making a long-term commitment, start with their shortest period (such as three months).

How to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency and Set Goals and Expectations

Make sure your expectations are reasonable before you sign a contract with a marketing agency. Using the S.M.A.R.T. technique is one way to create goals for your inbound marketing campaign. Here’s a thorough example:

Specific. Say, “We want to grow our email list by 30% by the end of Q4” as an example.

Measurable. Your primary objective should be expressed as a number, such as “We want to get 3,000 new email subscribers.”

Attainable. It’s critical to set reasonable expectations for the marketing agency. For instance, setting a goal of 10,000 organic site views when you presently have 2,000 would be a little ambitious. However, it is possible to achieve 3,000–3,500 organic visits.

Relevant. Make sure your marketing requirements align with your objectives. For instance, the agency should concentrate on releasing an eBook or an offer to promote additional sign-ups if you want to increase the number of email subscribers.

Timely. This is an approximate time frame that you want to receive the results in. Saying you aim to have 3,000 email subscribers in six months is a fantastic example.

Let’s discuss what a digital marketing plan looks like now that we have a clear understanding of what it means to work with a digital marketing agency. In this manner, you may determine if it’s something you should hire a marketing agency to handle in-house or not.

Is In-House Digital Marketing Necessary?

Yes, you should develop a robust, multifaceted digital marketing plan internally if you believe you have the necessary staff. Hiring an agency, however, is the best option if you believe that you may use assistance or fall short in some areas.

Let’s obtain a thorough understanding of digital marketing so that you can identify any potential knowledge or team gaps.

The process of drawing in quality website visitors, converting them into leads, and nurturing those leads into satisfied customers is known as digital marketing. With the use of content, including blog entries, videos, social media postings, and ebooks, you may appeal to an ideal consumer by answering their common queries and proving that you are the best provider for them.

Utilizing resources like your website, email list, and social media, it sends content to your target audience at predetermined intervals while they proceed through the purchasing process. It is personal (the most effective messages are tailored to the individual) and intelligent (based on behavioral data).

A comprehensive digital marketing plan also consists of the following essential elements:

Call-to-action buttons for blogging

Forms on Landing Pages

Special offers (case studies, white papers, ebooks, etc.)

Video-based email nurture

Social networks

Online PR and digital advertising

Across all industries and business sizes, digital marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your brand online. You can be confident that doing it internally or through an agency will pay off in the long run.

What Does an In-House Digital Marketing Campaign Require to Be Successful?

Make sure your efforts are yielding results if you decide to handle your own digital marketing. You must comprehend the fundamentals of managing an inbound digital marketing strategy in order to achieve that goal.

Clearly Defined Persona and Target Market

Digital marketers need to have a thorough awareness of their target audience’s behavior since they want to reach them when and when they do online information searches. If not, people won’t find your content, your messages won’t resonate, and the visitors you do get to your website won’t become converts, leaving you to wonder why.

Firm Systems

Digital marketing entails content creation and promotion, and successful execution of these tasks frequently necessitates reliable workflows and processes. With a system, everything from blogging to optimization to promotion to digital PR functions more efficiently. Otherwise, your half-baked projects wind up all over the place.

Practical Tools

Numerous marketing tools will be used in a typical digital marketing campaign. Depending on the details of your campaign, these can include email tools, analytics tools, blogging tools, social media tools, and more. Your toolkit will make it easier for you to plan, develop, write, and evaluate your marketing outcomes.


Inbound marketing is a continuous process. The most prosperous inbound marketers will tell you that they’ve been working at it steadily for a long time. Why is it crucial to be consistent? The more your readers engage with your material, the more Google will regard you as a reliable authority in your field.


When executing any kind of inbound marketing campaign, quality cannot be compromised. Make sure your emails and blog posts are jam-packed with insightful content that addresses your readers’ issues. The only thing that will turn them into customers and keep them returning to your website is that. Writing great content requires first having a thorough understanding of your target audience.

You Can Work With an Agency Or Do It Yourself for Digital Marketing

You’ll ultimately be able to determine which marketing firm is the most appropriate for your company. You now have a clear understanding of what you need to achieve your performance objectives and what you can and cannot sustain. Have faith in your gut feeling and remember that you may always make a decision to meet or beyond your marketing goals.

Digital marketing, whether carried out independently or in conjunction with an agency, may yield tremendous returns. So, relish the process and produce something that will appeal to your target market.

Either way you go to do it sitting waiting for customers is so 1970’s The reason why your competitors are miles ahead is they are busy doing all of the above digital marketing activities. We start at $50 to manage a social media campaign for you. Get a grip and contact us today!

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