Attitude is everything or so one of my good mates here in Australia, Justin Herald, likes to continually remind me. Just as well he does, he actually trademarked ‘Attitude’ and so a brand was birthed and a 29 million dollar pay check accrued.

We may stubbornly go head to head on other issues as we both like to speak our minds and aren’t afraid to have our voices heard, however this statement is one that I agree should be branded on every persons forehead, so that we are continually reminded that it is only ourselves who create our own circumstances; pleasant or otherwise!

The first thing that you confront the world with and the world confronts you back with is your attitude. Attitude is everything.

It’s the difference between winning and losing, between succeeding and failing, between the best and the worst. Attitude is concentrated and contagious energy. If yours is toxic and insidious it will corrupt and pollute and totally destroy any seeds of potential joy, health, happiness and well being for not only yourself but also those around you.

Attitude is a state of mind. It’s your strength, your way of ‘being’ in the world. You can swap your attitude at any time. It’s that little thing that makes a big difference in life and in getting results. It’s also YOUR CHOICE!

Biz-find articles | Attitude

Biz-find articles | Attitude

How do you start your day?

Are you already stressed contemplating all that is before you and the impending pressure of getting it all done?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, or worse…bored?

Are you excited about the imminent challenges that you are about to tackle?

Are you looking forward to your day?

Do you even deliberately choose how you do start the day, or is it like other areas of your life, just happening regardless!

You can choose any attitude; one that works or one that doesn’t. Your results will reveal which one you’ve chosen. If you have the attitude or self talk of “I am, I will….”,” I intend…” you will prove yourself right. This also works in reverse. If you have the attitude of “I can’t. I don’t know. This is too hard. This doesn’t work…” you’ll also prove yourself right.

Instead of being right lets get the results we want. Choose the attitude that’s going to work for you instead of against you. You can be a 10 out of 10 every day!

I choose to work more (play) with laughter, joy and happiness. It is amazing how quickly the most dire of events can be turned around with good humour…life was not meant to be such a struggle or burden. It is a gift, though for some being happy is darn hard work, whereas being bored, frustrated or not really feeling is considered normal! Strange huh!

Your attitude of Success is equally as magnetic and contagious as any other attitude. It will draw to you all the people, books, events and information that enable you to continue to pave your way to your happy inspiring life. Your attitude is revealed in your every action, your every deed. Your attitude of success is developed and maintained through your repeated successful actions and deeds accompanied by ‘can do’ charisma.

We only have ourselves to work with. Fortunately we were all given everything we will ever need to get the results. We were given the ability to BE!

The attitude of all our success ancestors is “I CAN…” without any past evidence to support the claim necessary, hotly followed by the question, “Ok, How can I…”

The world owes you nothing, however you owe yourself everything. You are the best investment you are ever going to get this life, be sure to capitalise on it by getting the attitude that magnetises your results to you. Your attitude will be contagious, choose yours wisely as you will see more of it reflected in your life.

 Like attracts Like

Not a nice theory; an absolute law. (Abraham.)

‘I AM’ are the 2 most powerful words ever spoken. What is it that you are busy telling everyone? Is it, “I am tired”, “I am broke”, “I am sick”, “I am struggling” etc? If so, it’s not too late, use ‘I AM’ powerfully… followed by conditions of what you want!

The first most powerful to begin practicing is “I am happy.”

Joy is one of the most powerful attractors in this Universe and is an accelerant energy well worth harnessing to manifest our intentions.

All achievers thrive of the attitude, ‘the best is yet to come’. They know that they CAN do whatever it takes until they get what they desire. How do they know?

They have a Belief…and that’s a whole other segment.

Til next time…IN-JOY!

Rosie Pekar

Motivational Speaker, Rosie Pekar – Professional Catalyst of Inspiration

From Police Woman to Professional “But” Kicker!