Are you are asking for trouble?

Are you are asking for trouble?

Seems to me most people not just business owners are struggling with the basic concept of the law of attraction asking for all the wrong things and creating more work instead of more sales.

When I consult with business owners and sales and Marketing Managers they mostly tell me the same things they need more:

  • More Telemarketing
  • More social media
  • More content marketing
  • More networking events
  • More hard work

Oh sure they spend more time thinking about the work they need to do instead of the outcome they want

  Be careful where your thoughts are driving you!

Many years ago when I was a trainee driving instructor, yes I was not always the sagacious entrepreneur you know me to be, Oh stop laughing Please!

Learner drivers learn to look

My Instructor sat opposite me in the driver’s side and explained today’s lesson, he told me he was going to play the part of a 5 lesson student, meaning he had gathered how to start the car and drive off safely and reasonable knowledge of gears and steering and we were to practice turns in the road.

He drove off well and steered the car safely up to 20 MPH. Then I said “I would like you to take the next available right turn,’ the instructor checked Mirrors and signaled and then started to turn and mounted the pavement nearly taking out a bin and a startled cat!

I was rattled: “Why did you not turn down the road correctly?” his reply I will never forget

“Just because a student has seen his parents or friends turn into a road thousands of times whilst driving a car, don’t expect your student to know exactly how to do it, and also you must check your student looks and turns their head to see where the car will end up, otherwise you will end up here on the pavement”

Life-long lesson indeed, one about assumption and more importantly to see the end result and to concentrate on that more than the process.

The process as we are taught by the law of attraction takes care of itself.

Read books about how fortune 500 CEO’S and wealthy business got where they were, they wanted to change the world by creating a product or service everyone wants and solve a problem that everyone has. The money was a side effect of the process of getting to the goal.

  Scoring with Tennis Balls

I, as a lifelong Liverpool Football Club fan, was stunned to see on LFC TV that Luis Suarez our prolific striker at the time, who was challenged with a few of his teammates to play keep up with a tennis ball. Luis could not even keep the small ball up for more than 6 times, and his control was at best abysmal, his team mates had no problems keeping the ball up over 50 times, and it made me think how on Earth this player has scored so much and is so successful in front of goal.

Can’t keep a ball up!

 I read later all he thinks about is the ball in the back off the net and celebrating the goal, his pace, skill and stamina all come from within. Meaning he was just a guy who concentrated on the very end result, and he let the universe take care of the details, keeping tennis balls up was not an essential part in the details of scoring goals.

  The Golden Touch

Many a myth, tale and parable comes with deep meanings and warnings. My favourite is the story of Midas the king who wanted more and instructed his top magicians to enable his very touch to turn anything into Gold, all worked well till he touched his wife and children and as we all know statues look great but make lousy dinner dates and even worse bedfellows. The caution behind the tale is to be careful what you ask for.

We all must dream our inmost desires very succinctly indeed because the more we add colour and details and more importantly ‘the emotion behind our dream’ we will have more chance of getting exactly what we want.

  Deal with the Devil

Bedazzled is one of my favourite films, if you have not seen it, our hero who is a bumbling nobody (his interpretation of himself) and is in love with the lady who he believes is not interested because of his low standing, does many deals with the Devil to get to be with his love, and all the scenarios are played out and each time the Devil tricks him by giving him what the Devil thought he meant, not what he hoped.

The profound message of this movie is not even hidden, is that unless you clarify your dream with a 10,000 word afar davit so that the Devil cannot misinterpret your desires in any other way, then and only then, you will get what you truly asked for.

  Business owners are at it every day

When I consult my clients they in the main are looking at ways to do more work, yes sounds counter intuitive right? But it is what I see on a regular basis. Business owners should be consulted to dive deep down into their subconscious to find out what is really driving them.

I see in the future, a way to read our bio metrics and give us all careers with deep meanings to us so we all find our passion. Then we will all be happier hopefully, however as it stands most of us only find out our gifts and what meaning we can bring to our world later in life and we lament the years where we had boundless energy and could have done so much more.

As a Sales and Marketing guy for 30 years now I am still seeing Sales people who are prolific at sales have to do cold calling or canvassing to find people to sell to or to create the need or sell me this pen as Jordan Belfort so preaches, all of which brings distaste to the work.

If business owners concentrated on the end goal of more sales and more time at home, the credibility success can bring, altruistic pursuits, more time golfing, SCUBA diving, skiing, whatever, and then the details will find a way.

We at leads4biz have found a way through our sales and marketing experience to produce a list of buyers every day and we send these buying requests to our members each day for them to call and sell to, no cold calling, no canvassing, no blogs, no online press releases, no social media, no Google ads, no Instagram, no Facebook paid ads, no exhibitions or business networking events at some ungodly hour of the morning, just sales leads direct to your inbox, sound too good to be true?

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