Are you an entrepreneurial crab?

Ever watched crabs in a bucket? When one starts to crawl out in search of a better life, the other crabs pull him back down and try to convince him his conspiracy theories about being put on a Papaya salad and being eaten is poppycock, and that he should just be happy with what he has and stop dreaming of this Utopian illusion called the ocean.

Biz-find Blue Ocean strategy

Biz-find Blue Ocean strategy

Once in a blue moon one crab will fight against everything he had installed in him, break free and climb out and away from the rest down the side of the bucket, to the warm welcoming ocean awash with more new friends, freedom and an abundance of food, more than he could ever eat in a lifetime.

The crab is representative of 2% of the population who arrives at his utopia and is told he is lucky, he may then remind the other 98% of the crabs still in the bucket, that he lost a claw in the process, but it was a price worth paying to have the freedom of the Ocean and live out an amazing life.

Cause and Effect

It seems to me that life will make you pay for whatever you want, just depends on how much you want it, if you want a lot you will pay a lot it’s the universal law of cause and effect.

Dying to get to Heaven.

Anything worth having has a price even in basic employment; the jobs that involve new thinking every day pay the most and the, what I call therapeutic jobs, where you don’t have to engage any grey matter and just sell your time to the company are the least paid.

I was brought up to believe rich people were not happy. This was kind of what my family thought of telling me to protect me from the sudden realization that where we were economically as a family, would not give you the kind of life I would at some point dream of. My Mother though, bless her heart, told me to go and get whatever I wanted she was the only one in my family who believed anything was possible.

Biz-find stairway to Heaven

Biz-find stairway to Heaven

‘Improving your circumstances’, which is the key factor that drives every male on Earth, as it is human nature for males to want more. Woman, on the other hand, from a marketing prospective, respond to ‘self-confidence’ as a key motivator more, although it could be argued you need to improve many things to be more self-confident.

Can you see it yet?

One thing most unsuccessful people struggle with, is; ‘spotting an opportunity.’ Yet to many it is the scariest dog they have ever had to face to use the vernacular.

Don’t confuse seeing opportunity with curiosity, many people are naturally curious but that does not make them entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs ask loads of questions and need a lot of information, and they act on gut instinct.

You should never ever dismiss what you feel inside, it’s more intuitive than you could imagine. Recommended reading; Malcolm Gladwell and his book called Blink.

Recently a chap took one hundred; 5 dollar bills and went to a park in town and offered them free, yes 5 bucks free , no strings attached and in a whole afternoon he was able to give away just one 5 dollar Bill, just one! Proving the point that; ‘hardly anyone trusts anything these days.’

Mixed up in the lack of trust is fear of failure, to me this stands for; ‘fear to be successful’ because a true Entrepreneur will try almost anything within reason. He wants to fail sometimes as that is where the greatest learning comes from. If anything is worth a shot they will give it a go!

Biz-find Opportunities

Biz-find Opportunities

I have invited a lot of people recently to join me on Wowapp and predictably all the excuses come out and it’s like we have never heard them before.

The majority of people are too busy making money and surviving in the bucket to try a hair brained scheme Alan lol.

Wowapp is a free messenger app like any of the others around now, but it is the first ever multi -level business that attracted me in 35 years. Why?


  • It is 100% free always
  • You get a share of the ad revenue when you chat
  • No potions or lotions to sell to family and friends, and your kin spend all their time avoiding you!
  • When you invite friends to chat they get a revenue share 8 levels down
  • There are no binary systems where you have to match people on either side
  • No pressure
  • More importantly for me there are no creepy sycophantic seminars where people dance in aisles and hug strangers and everyone cries on stage how much their company means to them, for you attend, not for me,just scary ugh!!!!
  • Wow app pay revenue share each day and you earn more the bigger your network simple as….

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Biz-find wowapp

Biz-find wowapp