Are Entrepreneurs Greedy driven loners?

Are Entrepreneurs Greedy driven loners?

 The UK TV Reality show Dragons Den has certainly tried to perpetuate the myth of the Lone ranger; a mercenary soldier who acts alone to move markets and make excessive personal gain. However the truth about what an entrepreneur is really made of, could not be further from the myth.

Recent research by Delta Economics which researched over 2,500 entrepreneurs from 13 countries has revealed that true entrepreneurs are rejecting this stereotype and arguing that;  just because someone is not driven purely by monetary gain, does not make them any less of an entrepreneur. Genuine entrepreneurs understand the strength in teamwork and cooperation which has bigger job creation and better outcomes for all.

The researched noted that almost 80% stared in business to pursue a dream, 65% wanted to get rid of the boss, and around 60% saw a market opening.

 Only 55% said that financial reward was the key motivating factor.

Nearly half of the research responders told the report they wanted to make a difference.

One major telling factor was that collaborative entrepreneurs, those who work well with others, were significantly more effective at creating wealth and jobs! On average, collaborative entrepreneurs created 30 new jobs in their first three years of trading compared with just 12 for other entrepreneurs, they were more focused, with branding and all aspects of business more than ‘one man bands.’  Women tend to think more about creating the money first, and then they intend to become true entrepreneurs and make a difference after, the research found.

In fact the Dragons Den television show is ruining the image of the entrepreneur and is putting many people off the idea of going into business for themselves.

What exactly is a true entrepreneur?

People who understand ‘real wealth’ realise that wealth is whatever it means to you, half the time money is not a motivator. Collaborative team playing entrepreneurs understand the law of success which is; you can only gain wealth by helping others find their wealth first.

There are many entrepreneurs out there now doing fantastic things, yet the main stream media which has to sell ‘raw emotion’ and that raw emotion is greed and loathing at the selfishness of the lone ranger portrayed in the TV show to gets bums on seats, are actually playing their part in creating an image of an entrepreneur as a greedy, driven unfriendly soul.

True entrepreneurs like Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives UK who have for years have been successful in all areas of business like employment, and corporate social responsibility, can show how to increase the bottom line through cooperation and sound environmental practices, are now smarting from this myth of the Lone entrepreneur.

“With its back to the wall, the UK economy needs a Kitchener moment to encourage mass entrepreneurship, rather than encouraging the idea that enterprise is for someone else.” The key researchers added.

I believe with the UK at 2.5 million unemployed for June 2013 the Government needs to do more to address that there has to be a lot more education into true entrepreneurship and that has to start at school!


Alan Johnston Biz-find owner

Alan Johnston Biz-find owner

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