So you need an Investor? things I learned along the way.

So you need an Investor? things I learned along the way.

Has your business reached a ceiling and need to take it up a level? We, I am happy to say after a decade and many different investors, are now funded, so if you don’t want to wait ten years like we did read on:

Here are some thing you will need to consider when finding partners or investment


Business is run by people, people are emotional creatures, and there have been so many examples of where an ego or two has got in the way of what was an incredible and probably a world changing idea and billion dollar business.

If you are quite introverted, you probably like me, have come so far on your own, and your foray into partners has given you nightmares, the different ideas they have or how they just don’t see your vision.

Everyone has their own universe to manage and they have different viewpoints and issues to contend with. Your E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) will be tested to the limit when you take on partners.

Like a marriage really!

When you think how close Japanese business people like to get to you personally to see how honorable you are as a person, how you treat your wife and family, makes perfect sense because they know it is a good indicator of how you will be in business. Japanese people blame themselves for a wrong choice if you turn out to be a dud to them!

Your first few small investors will teach you a lot

When you first start thinking about getting some investment you may approach family and friends, then reach out to your business network, some you find are happy to give you a share or two, like they are sponsoring you for a school walk or something and they don’t really follow too much what you do, to these kind of people it’s a punt, they don’t really care if it goes anywhere, they just like you!

Then there is the guy who buys quite a bit like 3-5% of your business and is on messenger every week asking for spreadsheets of your activity and they think they own you, best to avoid those types by finding out in the beginning how close they are going to be to your venture and if this closeness will be a positive or not.

The best kind of partner is one who invests AND has a network to help you grow, seek out people who are more successful than you so you can learn from them, and they can help you grow your network with the right people and their input into your business is always welcomed.

Important to manage expectations from the start, how much input is welcome, what do you, as the business expect from your investors, and what is an acceptable level of input from your investor.

leads4biz startup
leads4biz startup

Have an investors area on your website that is password protected so investors can log in anytime and see what you are up to, saves you having to repeat yourself if you have many investors.

Make sure they also understand where you are legally, if you are still just in your home making buttons and have yet to establish a business entity or whether you are days away from an IPO on Wall street, either way offers massive opportunity to a smart investor.

Money V Idea

Money is a conduit to your dream, don’t be Midas and concentrate on coin, follow the dream and what your heart desires, and if money is needed then money will come’

It’s not so much about the money. You think by posting on social media that you are seeking partners to make a billions dollars from just 100k investment that your inbox will be full of inquiries. Most investors stay within their business arena and like to invest in things they feel happy about and have some acumen in, So tell them what kind of business it is in your posts.

People are led by great ideas and if they feel it solves a universal problem then invest they will.

The quick way to finding Investment.

If you are a small startup and you are ready now to go global with your product or service you will probably find you need another degree in marketing to find an investor. Even if you have an instant cure for Cancer in your hands right now, you will be so frustrated how far you will get on social media with no budget.

This way can take you months especially now as edge rank as been tightened up so much that to get anywhere you will need to spend on promoting posts which if you are just starting you could get it all wrong and lose a handful of money trying, this and making a video, creating a YouTube channel, getting more subscribers etc etc.


You can ask us to help you find an investor for you. We have a portfolio of H.N.W. individuals, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists who are ready to see what you have and meet you. This network grew out of our online network as the No.1 sales leads and business directories in Southeast Asia and the UK where we come from anyway. We are also an online marketing company and business mentors with 30 years experience who will get you ready to meet these investors, smarten up your social media and make sure you are presentable to make the best impact.

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