Why 98% fail with MLM

Why Most MLM Marketers fail

The vast majority of people would say they are autonomous in their nature, in fact ‘Autonomy’ is one of the words that is bandied about too freely at job interviews, when often at interviews I, as the Interviewer, am thinking;

“If you were really autonomous, you would not want a salary now would you”

It is very much a misused word: ‘Autonomy,’ it is not just about whether you can answer the alarm clock at six, get dressed, and get to the desk by nine five days a week, it’s also about whether you can, when faced with utter rejection day after day, you can still find the mettle and continue on to follow your dream when there is no one around to pick you up!

Let’s face it: the average person is not autonomous, like a robot with no feelings. People will give up very quickly if they have no team behind them to really enforce their beliefs with them.

The vast majority of MLM companies fail in their support system. The successful MLM people give the team undying belief and a well-defined daily system to keep their people on the path to achieving their next steps.

Many MLM companies always see a spike in profits after a seminar when people are motivated, then they see a huge drop as their team are left on their own to swim with the minnows of life, the people they work for and associate with every day, the  who want nothing more than to pay the bills and be really poor when they retire or made redundant whichever the sooner, well, it’s going to be one of them for sure!

The MLM ‘s that do well recognise there is a system of re-educating people with their limited beliefs and many see this as akin to a cult, because when people arrive at meetings kicking and screaming (not literally doh!!) with their arms all folded with a ‘Well you’re not going to change me’ attitude, then, when the people have been shown the reality of life, that they are faced with financial oblivion unless they change now, and that they are mostly living well within their means and they can, by getting out of this comfort zone, achieve so much more, they have a  Eureka moment, a sort of awakening to what they could actually achieve in life.

This process, when explained to the minnows back at their office the next day, is usually met with abject derision, then the poor new recruit is left feeling bereft, torn between two worlds, and all the MLM ‘ers good work is undone.

The most successful MLM’s give their team a regular, daily concise system with constant contact, meetings, seminars, and customer training to follow, that keeps them motivated and achieving more. Then their people develop a stronger veneer to stop the office crabs pulling them back down in the bucket, to their level, and trying to steal their dream from them!

The very best leaders grab on to their new recruits and almost make it like a full time job for them to get them earning money as quickly as possible, because they understand that once the new member sees the money go into their bank account, a light gets switched on inside and they start to believe.

Before joining any MLM ask about their system of training, how hard core it actually is and can you handle it if you have a full time job already, but then again surely if you are looking into MLM you are looking to leave the job you have eventually and achieve more and work for yourself for a better future, right?

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(Again I reiterate: I am not associated with any MLM just know a bit about them)