What’s your personal success formula?

What’s your personal success formula?

Do you still have unrealized hopes and dreams? Perhaps feel like there is something missing that you have yet to accomplish?

Maybe contribute to making the world a better place. Travel the world and live an extraordinary life. It’s never too late to make your hopes and dreams come true. Making dreams to reality is just a single decision away.

However, the journey of success begins with determining your dream and deciding what you really want and which direction to take in life.

If you have a distinct goal, the next step is to gain clarity—because clarity will help you discover the resources and opportunities needed to make your dream a reality.

But do you believe in your own potential? Attitude, intention, thoughts and strong belief must all align to fully realize your own limitless potential.

Do you have any lifetime goals? Write them down and make a true and single decision to accomplish them. No excuses, if’s or buts.

Avoid using phrases like, “I want” or “I hope.” To really achieve your goal, you need to state with complete conviction, “I will achieve this goal.”

Have you created a focused plan? Your plan will offer a precise direction, which will enable you to gauge your progress and adjust your approach as obstacles—and even new opportunities—arise.

Move forward with daily action steps to develop confidence and focus on one simple and constant thought: expect to win.

Your attitude and intentions will influence your thoughts and express what you will or will not accomplish and along your journey of success people who want to criticize your actions and your belief that you can succeed.

You may have your own critic in your head. Tune out these critics and refuse to listen to them, because attitudes are contagious and negative attitudes can destroy your dreams.

Take focused daily actions to achieve your goals so focusing on the right types of action is key. Establish what you need to accomplish and exactly how you will do it.

You may have fears that might prevent you from taking the actions necessary to succeed. It’s an illusion you create when you imagine an unfortunate outcome.

Challenges and disappointments towards your goals are to be expected so to keep your action plan on track, you must keep a positive perspective and never listen to that doubting, inner critic who wants to sabotage your efforts.

Helping others along the journey to success create rewards and boomerang blessings to return. When you recognize the power of this concept, your success can be nothing short of phenomenal.

You’ll need to become a strong leader by learning from people who have already accomplished the success you desire, and teaching others to duplicate your actions.

Are you able to associate with people who share your values, goals, work ethic, and attitude? By associating with like-minded people, you will build a more effective, powerful team because you all share the same vision and are working toward the same goals.

I sincerely wish this brief summary of a professional success formula helps to lay a solid foundation to accomplish your life’s goals and keep you motivated as you work through your personal journey of success.

Always remember to keep setting goals, so you are constantly growing, learning, and progressing. Strengthen your self-belief, confidence to finally make that single decision to go for your dreams and goals.

My wish is to leave you with a positive message and positive energy so that you will become successful to the best of your ability and then help others to achieve success to the best of your ability.

Begin today with three multiplier effects.

1. Speed – You can determine your own speed to achieve your goals.

2. Intelligence/Knowledge/Skill – Keep learning and improving.

3. Concentration/ focus – On the big goals.

Live your life with emotion and passion and always believe that you are so much stronger than you think. You have the power to change everything. I know you will.

Dominik Boecker

Life Coach & Personal Development Consultant.