What works online?

What marketing works that doesn’t cost years of your life or thousands of dollars?

How much would you pay for 1,000 new ‘targeted people’ to come to your website each month? What return on investment would you expect from it? Maybe 3-5% of these 1000 new visitors clicking your ‘Contact us page’?

If say 5% of 1000 made a serious inquiry that’s 50 extra inquiries and if your business converts 1/3 inquiries to sales then you would have say 15 new sales that month, and 15 new customers.

Depends of course on what you are selling, if you sell  plastic writing pens and your average order value is $1 then nope it’s not going to be worth it. But; if your average is more than say 1,000 USD, then yes most likely.

With close to 800 million websites out there now, how are you going to get this traffic?

Will you try P.P.C. (Pay per Click) Advertising from Google? You may find it’s like $10 for a click especially for a decent searched keyword, the higher the search volume, the more the click costs.

Regardless of how targeted Google P.P.C. says it is, you will need a professional landing page with years of experience in A+B Split testing to get the client down the payment funnel to the last page where they pay online or book an appointment with you. Professional online marketers get about ten percent sales ratios to visitors who are sent down their sales funnel so at $10 a click you are already $100 for a customer via P.P.C..

To get 1,000 targeted visitors for the 15 new customers via P.P.C. in this example, you are looking at 10,000 U.S.D spend first!  So your Average order value needs to be over $1,000 especially when you consider you need to pay staff because if you don’t have a professional website team, then you could be very badly out of pocket!

Social media works, but what they don’t tell you it’s mostly branding, as in you need to be active on Facebook and Twitter for years to be trusted and for you to develop a trusted brand image. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you know it’s a good platform to find business, but it is not without their chancers and spammers who think that everyone is open to a blatant;

“Hi thanks for connecting, whenever you want beating up at our martial arts clubs let me know” message.

You could send 500 of these messages Via LinkedIn, which will take a week and you will be lucky to get one email back.

Biz-find brand engagement

Email marketing still works believe it or not, but the time taken to make it work is difficult for many to comprehend. You need 1,000 decent visitors each month to a niche website to get a couple of sign ups so 24 double opt in subscribers a year and the industry average when sending out email newsletters is 1,000 subscribers for a sale, that’s with a professional experienced team behind it, so a decade or two waiting for you there then.

Unless of course you pay!

Everything connected with online marketing is going to cost you either time, or cash up front.

Two years ago you could get a decent few people clicking a great image and compelling headline on Facebook and landing at your well researched funny relatable blog and you would get a sale or two, now due to edge rank on Facebook being culled dramatically, the startup is now really out of luck, hell we just about survive to keep our traffic alive with 500,000 followers and contacts.

What chance has a work-at-home Mum got relying purely on social media with zero budget??

branding is time and money

We at leads4biz have found a way to get the branding you need, just register your business and get in front of 15,000 visitors a month visiting 2.2 pages each. Then we share every new business who registers, to all our social media channels free until you get 100 clicks, (page views) to your company page, from which our research tells us that on average 5% of these page views become direct contacts to you!

It took us 7 years of blogging and sharing to get our traffic to our sites, and our social media reach so why not use ours?

With views comes brand awareness and with brand awareness comes trust and with trust comes sales!

How much for 100 clicks minimum ? 50 measly U.S.D. per/month, now you see why we are serious value for money!..