Who visits a Chinese Traditional Medicine Clinic?

Who visits a Chinese Traditional Medicine Clinic?

With Conspiracy theory dominating the news today, and drug companies being blamed for not actually making us healthier, but rather prolonging the dis-ease to sell more products, is it any wonder more and more people are turning to natural health related products rather than the wait till you get sick and treat it then, fingers crossed attitude?

Bedside manner is a term used to describe how well a Doctor actually knows the patient on an emotional level, we are all now in tune to how our emotions can make us as sick as any bad thing we eat, or as well as any great piece of fruit or herb.  Stress is still the number one killer of professional men!

Modern society doesn’t accept every single thing we are told by GP’s as Gospel anymore, and is asking to clarify  the relationship between emotions and well-being by looking for the root cause through preventional medicine rather than the knee jerk reaction; ‘cure approach.’

At the root of this new wave of thinking is traditional Chinese medicine and it is the belief that the individual is viewed as an vital part of the forces of nature. By careful observation of the natural environment, Taoist sages were able to perceive patterns common to both the external environment and the inner workings of the human body. Over susequent eons, the cumulative observations of seers all over China led to an delicate skill of diagnosis and healing. Ask any small shop selling ginger root of the legacy of CTM.

At the heart of this is Yin and Yang, being the constant state of change. In traditional Chinese medicine, one seeks to find disharmony through the five yin and yang organs which include the lungs, spleen, heart, liver, and kidneys.

The yang organs in traditional Chinese medicine are composed of the stomach, small and large intestine, urinary bladder, gallbladder, and “triple burner.”

These organs are all part of the main diagnosis, as all these organs will either make you operate in an effective way or lead you to become lethargic and feel depressed.

A chinese traditional medicine practitioner may surprise you by sniffing you!?

Diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is simple yet effective — diagnostic observation includes looking, listening, smelling, asking, and touching. The CTM practitioner will also be very interested in where you live, your job, your relationships, and will seek to get a fuller picture of your way of life, whereas the Doctors we are used to today, think more along the line of ‘What drug for what ailment’ and get you out as fast as they can to see the next patient.

Do not think of CTM as a cure but as a way to find your bodies most effective way of finding the best balance between peace and fulfilment, it’s a fact that most very happy and productive people see a CTM practitioner regularly , not because they are ill or sick, they are in the main well, yet they achieve so much more personally and professionally when they feel top of their game, and Chinese traditional medicine is at the heart of their daily activities.

Exercise, massage, and a proper diet are important traditional Chinese medical treatments. Accupuncture, for example has made it’s way into Western culture, and so many people swear by it’s healing properties, is not always used to fix an ailment but as a source of power and energy for many.

accupuncture Clinic Bangkok on Biz-find

Accupuncture Clinic Bangkok on Biz-find

More and more sportsmen are turning to CTM as a way to re-balace niggles, hamstrings and other sporting ailments to actually improve their game.

Sure We’ve all sipped on hot herbal tea when feeling a little under the weather, and many of us use traditional Chinese medical treatments To treat headaches, like avoiding spicy food and adding more whole grains to your diet or for the common cold, we’ve all drunk some miso soup with fresh ginger, yet the science is thousands of years old and once you have met with an experienced Chinese traditional medicine practitioner you will feel that they are more a life consultancy rather than a medical Doctor and they really get to know you and how your way of life is affecing your balance, and can actually prevent many things going wrong before they go wrong!

Bangkok has it’s own very experienced and sought after CTM specialist you can contact Bung at the Physio Therapy Clinic (PTC) and start a new path for physical enlightenment.