Twitter in Thailand

“Thai people don’t use Twitter”

“Thai people don’t get Twitter”

I often hear this kind of thing when chatting to other business owners around Thailand that Twitter has somehow been lost on Thais, and as Thailand’s leading social media marketing company I am here to tell you whatever your viewpoint on Twitter in Thailand, now is the time to start getting used to Twitter because the tweets are about to go live on Google’s home page!

Google recently signed an epic deal with the micro blogging site so that they will start real time tweeting from page one Google. This means that if you have a decent Twitter account with a decent amount of followers you may find your tweets on top of Google in searches.

So for example; if you have a few thousand followers and your business is say ‘Health Insurance in Thailand’ and you have been regularly tweeting good useful information regarding a healthy lifestyle in the land of smiles and how to make sure your loved ones will be cared for if ever you became too ill to work or you simply injured yourself so you cannot work for an indefinite time, then you are about to see your pay off because:

Your altruistic tweets are about to arrive, courtesy of Google.

For example; Someone will enter in ‘Health Insurance Thailand’ in the Google search, and now as well as the paid ads from your massive competitors and the organic listings of health Insurance companies your tweets could very well start to appear on page one.

  • Did you have to pay a fortune to an Indian SEO company to get your site page one? Nope!
  • Did you pay a fortune to Google AdWords to be the top spot? Nope!
  • Did you have to spend over a year blogging over 4 blogs a week 1,500 words each with images and links and sharing that to social media? Nope!

Google’s algorithm that they will use to show the most relevant tweets are still not at all clear, yet we know that if you have some weight in your industry meaning you have a lot of followers and you have been regularly tweeting about a familiar theme, then you are in with a good chance of being the Google top dog.

Twitter sends me roughly 40% of all my 40,000 monthly visitors to my biz-find sites, Twitter works period, people love the Twitter application on smart phones, to thumb along to see a tweet that leads to information they are interested in. My Twitter is linked to my Facebook page so that whatever I post to my Facebook fan-page is automatically tweeted for me, this can be done by simply going to facebook.com/twitter.

So now there is massive reason to get on board with Twitter and grow your following, but I think the reason why Twitter is often overlooked and put at the back of priorities of business social media strategy in Thailand is because there is no easy way to grow a following, and the people that do well on Twitter are the stalwarts of industry and understand the karmic value of giving away your heart and soul to your followers.

The old 4.1.1 system is still a popular way to grow a targeted and active following on Twitter but it takes time and effort, something your fly by night companies can be bothered to do.

  • 4 Retweets of peripherally interesting information in your industry,
  • 1 Blog from you giving away tips and tricks so your followers love you.
  • 1 Blatant promotion from you is the 4.1.1 system tried and tested and still works today.


When you retweet someone’s post they are in your debt, they receive an email to inform them of your good natured act, and they are most likely to follow you as a thank you. Around 3 out of 4 people will follow you back, so this way you can grow your twitter following by around 60 a month.

Imagine someone with a few hundred thousand Twitter followers retweeting your tweet, you could not get a better way to advertise to massive numbers for free anywhere else online or offline.

So remember to make your headings compelling and more importantly make your blog content memorable and useful to the reader. That way you can grow your email database and that’s where the money is folks!

Having a Vine time:

Vine videos are to me just a massive and cheap way to get your message heard, if you are unfamiliar with Vine it’s basically an app for your phone where you can create a 6 second video which is automatically uploaded to your Twitter and other social media.

Vine videos are some of the most watched videos on the Internet as you could not believe the hilarious things people can do in 6 seconds.

For business; imagine just asking your clients to just tell people what they think of your work in 6 seconds when you are with them, done, not the opus of begging them to remember to write out your google testimonial reviews, and they are  a lot more believable…

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