Trunk Shows make a post Covid comeback!

Trunk Shows make a post Covid comeback!

What is a trunk show and why are the becoming more popular than ever before?

Traveling salespeople from New York would deliver trunks of apparel to retailers all around the nation in the late 1800s, and due to the success they branched out directly to clients.

A trunk show enables clients of the store to meet greet and get measured up for garments at great prices at their place of work or at a Hotel nearby.

The New York Times used the headline, “Trunk Shows Hit the Road and Spread the Fashion News,” in 1971. According to fashionistas, American designers were traveling with exemplary collections of traditional clothing to compete with the widely renowned European collections of cutting-edge fashions: There are times when the designer is present to add a touch of glitz.

1960-70’s suits attire

Trunk displays, which date back to before World War II, were described as so; “Manufacturers would pack up a hundred things in trunks and take them to, say, Macy’s in Colorado.” The buyer was content to have the clothing delivered directly to her and occasionally asked a few customers to drop by to take a look. Then, it became a little more official and public. The ”designer fashion” trend gained up in the 1950s with the emergence of American designers, and the trunk show became the venue for in-person meetings with the new celebrities.

An early glimpse at the designer’s range was the draw for both the local shop buyer and the final customer.  A larger clientele is now being given access to the advance look that was previously only available to a restricted set of high-end clients (high-end, which is synonymous with top of the line, is a euphemism for “rich”). You may forget about the original trunks since the crowds follow the advertisements.

“The word trunk is really out of date.” The entire collection is currently housed in three or four extremely thick canvas clothing bags.

Although Instagram and other digital media are the newest way to announce designers’ new collections, the tried-and-true trunk show still generates good sales for designers willing to travel.

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