Three keys to success in 2016

Before I start this blog post it’s important to reiterate what success is, to some it’s a brand new Aston Martin sports car, to others it’s a pair of shoes with no holes in, regardless of the relative extremes, the result and feeling of happiness is the same.

The turn of the year is always a good time to ask yourself what makes you happy, if you would have asked me that in my mid-twenties, I’d say “Enough money to go out on a Saturday night with friends” ask me now thirty years later, and I’d say a bottle of red with family and a home movie.

Biz-find wine and middle age

Biz-find wine and middle age

What is business success? Sadly most say the bottom line, the one’s that say that are more likely the ones who are waiting for the success, the business people that have a very healthy profit are the ones who are concentrating on the things that make them happy, like Joint ventures and watching their staff do well, and coming up with a life changing product and leaving a legacy.

Entrepreneurs are constantly asking questions of themselves and part of their question bank is asking others what drives them and what will make them happy.

Biz-find has three core values that we are always asking about ourselves that help us to work together with our team and partners in business.


Thriving business have all one common denominator in that everyone in the team has very different skill sets that the other team members recoil in horror at, and yet respect deeply.

Each team member has experience that is vital to the success of the business, and they all want to learn from each other and gain valuable experience.

We all remember our first jobs right? When we were paid a pittance and had as much respect as a rat in the kitchen, we went home each night exhausted with what we learned; I still mentor young people to take low paid jobs if it means they will get experience.

biz-fnd skill not luck

biz-fnd skill not luck

Knowledge is priceless and if you find yourself not learning, you had better check your pulse.

Kiyosaki told us the best investment you ever make is in yourself

So what new things do you want to learn in 2016 and how are you going to help your business partners get more experience? Write it down and pin it on the wall where you can see every day, it truly makes a difference!


I was asked by one of my small business owners I mentor; how to download their LinkedIn contacts so they can invite them to their email newsletter as they were all in their industry,  their contacts would probably be interested in their blogs and news.

She said they would go through each LinkedIn contract, open up the contact details and extract their email. At the time they asked me, I said that will take days of work,  I am sure there is a quicker way and I will get back to them.

I have done a LinkedIn download before, and have a spreadsheet of my 9000 contacts, so I googled how to again to refresh my memory, and called my mentee back and told her how to get her entire LinkedIn contacts on to an excel spreadsheet with names companies, roles and emails, all easy to access in minutes.

‘It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it’

‘A millimeter improvement on your Golf Swing can mean on the green or in the pond’

In 2016 what do you want to do better and smarter? Will you schedule Master mind meetings with your peers to get good ideas, will you finally stop finding excuses to get that part of your business done? Will you find ways to run your business more effectively?


The sordid subject of coin, as much as money is the least motivating factor for staff and entrepreneurs alike, I mean sitting at home staring at 100,000 dollars sounds nice, for about ten minutes, it’s what the money can buy you; people don’t dream about dollar bills it’s the stuff it will buy and the feelings the thing you buy give you.


It’s one of the best indicators of how well you are doing, so there is no harm in asking yourself and your team and your partners how much more they want to improve their bottom line by next year and have a quarterly date for each step.

So how much more are you going to earn in 2016?

Biz-find earnings

Biz-find earnings

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