Three essential elements you must have to be successful

Three essential elements you must have to be successful

Everyone goes into business  believing that they offer something unique to their industry, and you should be ballsy enough to believe that: in a room full of your peers and one potential client that you should always win the business.

Successful people through the ages all shared these essentials to get to where they wanted to be.


People go into business for many reasons, and it’s these reasons I try to get the client to tell me whenever they ask what they are going to be writing about for their content marketing strategy. You write about things that will help your client along the way, so that they can see that you are a trusted person in your industry.

Biz-find passion

Biz-find passion

Apart from the one poor CEO who actually used our time together at the first meeting to actually break down in tears, after I pushed him to tell me why he is passionate about his industry, and in something like a Psychiatrists patient meeting; he blurted out to me that he was in the job to please his Chinese father and he really wanted to be a hairdresser!!

Yep folks I meet them all as a social media marketing trainer in Thailand! He told me he could write reams and reams about perms and demi-waves, but the timber industry was not where he wanted to be.

Your passion will see you through all the tough times in business and you have to keep the faith always, seriously ask yourself before you go into business are you the best and why, and just as important is:


Social media if done well will test you to the very limits of your passion, because like anything worth doing it’s going to cost in time and effort in educating your website visitors about why you do what you do so that you build up enough trust to buy from you. I see so many about us pages that are not about them at all. Your about us page should tell people; why they should trust you!

Can you imagine a Church website who’s about us page says;

Come to our church we have the nicest pews in town!

No; a decent Church website is all about the Minister and how he has been helping the community for ages and how the congregation has activities for the kids and helps local charities, building trust and faith!

Biz-find Trust

Biz-find Trust

Search engines now use algorithms based on if your website looks trustworthy, as in address and phone number home page and if your about us page has images of the team and even a welcome note from the chairman as well as loads and loads and loads of regularly written great blogs written by you and not copied from other websites. Even Google wants to know if you are a real person.


What legacy are you going to leave the world?

How is your passion going to be a game changer? And will you be remembered for a long time as being the guys who created that better mousetrap?

The vast majority of the top richest people in business did not go into business purely for the money, they believed that what they had would change the way things are done for the better.

Robert Stephenson; brought us the train, as a way to travel quicker and more effectively up and down the country changing transport forever. He was knighted.

Max Factor; a simple guy who struggled with basic literacy, who brought us the Lipstick we know today, as he wanted a way for woman to be more confident and be ready for anything in their handbags, the money followed.

Steve Jobs; wanted to change the way we collected and stored information for the home on a computer and got stinking rich as a by-product of his passion.

Biz-find solution

Biz-find solution

Point is; most great business successes start of as an idea to improve something on a global scale, every good sales person knows the basis of a sale is trust and to solve a problem for someone. The financial reward is just one of the benefits.

Our game changer…

Just recently at a networking event a chap was listening to me address a few people about my passion to change the way people find business online with Biz-find leads referral system of giving everyone free marketing to our social media reach via our Business directories in return for them to tell us what they are buying for their business right now.

He asked me; why would anyone buy a lead to say someone who just wanted a pencil sharpener? I replied “Are you a stationer by any chance?”

“Yes I am a stationer, lucky guess”

“OK” I continued; “If I was in your sales team, yes I would buy the lead for the company that needs just one pencil sharpener, because as a sales person I would not be working for you if I did not believe we sold the best products at the best prices, and the lead is in fact a name and a number that actually represents a massive opportunity way over and above the pencil sharpener.

I would make an appointment, deliver the pencil sharpener for free, strike up a conversation and show him the other great stationary items we have an offer and make him a customer for life!”

He then tried to recruit me there and then l.o.l

If you want to get paid for adding Leads to Biz-find there’s good money to be earned , if you want us to send you qualified potential customers in your area then contact Biz-find.