The Social Media Impersonators (Outsourcing Social Media)

The Social Media Impersonators (Outsourcing Social Media)

Why outsourcing your social media is killing your business

Too many people are out there right now with a great sales pitch aimed at you, to take away the pain of doing all this ‘social media stuff’ for you,’ so you can get on with doing the stuff you like and making cash for your company.

Oh what a lovely pitch, and it’s working quite well for the people doing the social media for you.

Sadly it my experience it’s actually harming your business but you can’t see it, yet!

I run a FREE UK business directory called biz-find.co.uk and I am approving around 5-10 user-added free UK businesses each day, here’s the thing, I can always tell the UK companies that are using cheaper foreign labour to do their online marketing for them, how?

Well first off it’s the language they use, it’s just not, well,  British English, for example, this was a listing I received the other day:

Name: Such and such a door company in Wolverhampton

Description: “We are exciting to be offering wonderful doors for your houses”

Written by a chap from the Black Country? Don’t think so, more like a ‘char waller’ from Hyderabad!

God forbid they ever offer to do blogs for you, people will think you have moved your business to Delhi!

Biz-find | Delhi call centre

Biz-find | Delhi call centre

It’s not just the language that gives them away, it’s the fact that they are just not passionate about your business, so they miss lots of stuff they can be adding to promote your business, like social media links, SEO important meta tags, contact details, images, well written meta descriptions that are different from your website text, etc.

The main bug bear for me is that where it says ‘Title of company’ they write loads of keywords, if it was your business you would be so proud to write the name of your company, but if you are a small employee in Bombay then you probably think:

“Here’s where I am to be  writing all their keywords, now where’s that list they gave me?”

To them it’s a job, and I think they hate it as much as you do, all this adding your business to directories, hardly riveting stuff is it? But someone has to do it, and the easiest thing to do is throw money at someone else to do it.

The very essence of social media is that people want to get closer to the top people in the company and feel part of the company. They want to know the personal side of you, like it or not, whether you sell diaries or soap, people will buy more if they know you are a family man and have kids, and do you have a foundation, how do you feel about the environment? Etc. This is the very reason why all the fortune 500 companies CEO’s have a personal blog, and I mean personal.

When you can make people feel like they are part of the company then there’s great loyalty, and I do not need to tell you what loyalty means to the bottom line. If you are outsourcing all your social media to another company, then you will sooner or later trip up big style. You might not think it, but to the big social media sites it is as black hat as you can get and offers everyone a lousy service.

The truth is the is no getting around it, eventually you are going to have to face it that if you want to get anywhere on search engines for your keywords you are going to have to blog, get personal and share emotions with your people and let them into your lives, then share that to all your social media avenues.

And do it all yourself!

Netmedia Thailand will never do social media for companies, When I was learning my trade,, about 5 years ago I tried spinning a blog for a company only to be really upset when they did not like what I have done, fact was I knew little about their business and found it hard to get passionate, so they found the work not very compelling, I doubt anyone could write a great article about their own partners they live with each day, let alone write about a business you hardly know about.

Netmedia Thailand can however; Teach you how to buy a fantastic domain that you host yourself, how to set up a blog, how to write great articles for yourself, and how to post them to massive numbers of people on social media and book marking sites, all in a couple of hours per week, so you start to brand your business on the Internet over our two day workshop at your office.

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