The problem with MLM is……

Here’s the thing about MLM…

Love it or loathe it Multi-level marketing is here to stay, US presidents Extoling their impact on the economy, between the two giants Avon and Amway they pulled in around 13 billion USD in 2012.

Yet it is difficult to see the big picture when the young lady across the street who sells soap powder through one of these conglomerates, seems to be struggling, drives an old car, and is always talking like Tim Robbins with a really annoying ‘positive attitude’ spin on everything.

The Challenge anyone has in MLM is the concept of ‘product or business’, some of the more cut throat MLM’ers with decent networks, who jump in and out of companies whenever they see a new MLM business starting as they feel being at the top, first in, has all the best advantages and they take their down-lines with them.

These people could not care less if the product or service is good, just as long as it has one, and that then meets all the strict rules from the respective Direct Sales authorities in each country.

These people see the money side of the business, the let’s get people in and money moving, and that will then filter back up to the top leaving a healthy pot of money for the pioneers.

Problem here is the longevity of the business, If the product was really overhyped, a lot like the Tahitian Noni boys who arrived in Bangkok around 3 years ago, telling everyone that their berries only grow on one square inch of soil in the darkest Himalayas protected by the Phoenix and unicorn and was said to make the drinker of such juices from said berries impervious to any known ailments and help Octogenarians run marathons, and by the way is $30 a bottle and tastes like athletes foot scabs (sorry to me it was awful).

These Noni boys had a steely eyed gaze and crushing handshake they would not let go off and pulling you closer whispering “I am going to make you rich”

About six months later you could buy Noni juice in seven eleven stores for 0.18 THB and this business though not completely dead is all but an alarming memory and testament to the madness of men and the value of things when they are over hyped, and how you must have a product or service that has real value and you 100% believe in it.

The Multi-level marketing business’s main value proposition is the residual income, money that comes to you regularly and never stops flowing meaning you can have your time and a life to go with it, and this is precariously balanced with the business side and the longevity of the product itself.

MLM is a great business model open to anyone for minimum capital, and the success of it all is based on the attitude and determination of the person running it. My only caveat after being around this industry for 30 years is; if you do join a company make sure you have utter belief in the product and the companies history before you try to get your friends, associates and neighbours involved, or it will come crashing down like a pack of cards, for all the time you have spent on it not getting paid!

For an honest view of any MLM in Thailand or any other business in Thailand opportunity contact me for a chat I am not affiliated with any of them BTW.