The luck of the Irish

This week we met with Norman Agnew who hails from the Emerald Isle and is now the CEO of Trojan Construction Pattaya Thailand and learned about his varied career which took him around the around the world:

What did you do as a profession before you came to Thailand?

My career started in the British Army where I served 9 years after which I worked at Aerospace for 26 years. I was the engineer on technical weapons systems which I hope kept the peace more than wars.

I was handsome once

Over the years I worked in Australia on Submarines sonars, in Korea for the Red Arrows display team, in Brazil on Lynx Helicopters and then I worked with the Malaysian Government on their Airport, then after British Aerospace went back to UK to help a company develop patented flame retardant rain screen cladding.

During my time in Malaysia, being the adventurer I am, I decided to visit Thailand on my time off, and fell in love with the culture and met my wife here.

My wife has good connections in Construction so that is when I decided to work with my better half.

What are you doing now?

Construction work and home building in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand. In 2014 we set up the company. We specialize in renovations, property designs and generally helping foreigners come to Thailand settle here, get the right legal advice, visas, move money to Thailand, set up a company, buy land and then create their home from scratch. We also have a portfolio of real estate for rent and for sale.

Property built by Trojan in Pratumnak Pattaya

We also specialize in renovations fixing up tired properties and water/fire damage and get properties ready to move back in or for sale again.

I also have made red London Busses and phone boxes for some clients as either novelty bookcases or as food trucks, so I do get orders for a bus now and again, but no wings or missiles included lol.

What is a good tip you would give to other Entrepreneurs?

Hire the right team, get used to saying no and not hiring the wrong talent in your team, even when you are desperate for people. Once you have good staff, hold on to them, listen to what they need and just be there, people make business go round not money!

That and get out there and network get used to saying hello and what you do. You have to do a bit of everything to be seen and there will always be something you are weak at, but work at it till you make it.

How do we contact you?

On our website Trojanconstructionthailand.com

Or email: contact@trojanconstructionthailand.com