Sticky customers

You may of heard the term ‘Sticky customers’ being used in business circles. It does not mean that you are being stalked by someone whom you have done a job for recently!

Sticky customers refers to the business precept that a client you already have is worth three you have to find. In other words once you have a client on board do not forget about them. Too many businesses forget that they have worked hard and probably invested time and money to find that client and they are happy with your business and are open to more products.  Sell well to this sector of your business and profitabilty is never far away.

It’s the little things that matter, a simple no sales happy birthday message, that calender once a year,  a pen , or  hat that shows you care, yet  makes it so much easier to approach when you have a new service. Inclusion in newsletters and engaging in social media is a good business move also.

Managing many clients is a skill to learn (many of us may  still remember business card on a rolodex) and more and more companies are investing in online CRM packages like maximiser and Sage all have advanced tools to remind you of everything you need to keep your clients happy.

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