Social media strategy at Christmas

Social media strategy at Christmas

Social Media marketing over Christmas does it work? Cyber Monday and Black Friday were a bit of a let-down this year by all accounts, well compared to previous years. These terms belong to the online retail industry that has year on year grown in sales figures, and these particular days are the biggest days of the year for online buying of Christmas gifts. But if you sell a service what should you be doing over the Christmas build up and the holidays?

There are many blogs to tell you the best day to post and the times of the day you should be publishing content, I believe in what Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful Investor advises, he says; if you watch the market on a day to day basis it won’t help you much, one person will tell you buy ABC stocks and the next TV Pundit is advising XYZ! Only buy what you feel you like and trust.

Biz-find articles |Blogging at Christmas

Biz-find articles |Blogging at Christmas

In other words don’t worry about the time and day to publish, worry whether you content has feelings and if you enjoyed writing it and therefore people will probably enjoy reading it.

Your main aim with blogging is to get people to read your work and enjoy it, they should feel like they learned something new, they should start to trust you, click related blogs and stay on your website over 10 minutes. This is how they remember you!

You need around 30 blogs published and shared to a decent social media reach over three months to start scratching the surface of having someone know your logo and what you do and recognise the company name, then you need to be consistent to stay on top.

This all takes time and time is what a new business has more off than a growing business, so you need to take the time to start to educate the online world about why you are the best.

In my experience blogging over the Christmas period is as good a time as any!

This is where understanding branding comes into the fore, branding is one of the hardest things for new business to wrap their heads around, how much should we spend on it? How much will we see from it? These are the biggest questions I hear. When you have a limited budget and cash flow is vital, they are pertinent questions indeed.

In answer spend as much time on it and you can afford to spend, spend as much money as you can afford as well. When will you see a return on your investment? Well, how does karma pay you back? Is the answer, you will never really know, accept at times when you go networking and people say they have read your stuff or know of your company.

I receive 3-5 leads per week from people who have simply read my blogs, but please don’t think a few blogs will get you the same result, that’s 2 million words in blogs I have personally written over 7 years!

If you must; try a google keyword search of your company name, and that will tell you how many people have actually searched your company name over the last twelve months, but please don’t base your entire branding budget on that or use it as a yard stick in your business plan!

One of the biggest read blogs I’ve written was on Christmas day, some may think we are all with family and the fire is roaring and the yuletide carols are sweeping most away in the moment of good will to all mankind,sadly many want Christmas to just be all over with and the Christmas figures of people online are bigger than you may expect and growing each year.

So don’t neglect your blogging over the Christmas period and don’t think your Christmas social media strategy is just to send all your contacts on LinkedIn a Christmas e-card, I am not being miserable, but I hate Christmas wishes on a LinkedIn message, it’s so empty!

As much as I hate the commercialism of the greeting card industry inventing a new day each year for you to buy cards for, if I really meant anything to you, you would have send me a card, with a stamp, you trudged out in the snow to post!

Bah humbug!

Biz-find articles | Christmas blogging

Biz-find articles | Christmas blogging

Ebenezer Scrooge Johnston is the wailing ghost of bloggers everywhere and helps business understand how NOT to become the forgotten company online, and how not to be attached to the eternal ball and chains of page 900 Google! We also train you how to have a merry Christmas with lots of new clients around the fire. So contact Netmedia before it is too late for yooooooooh!