Simple tips to secure your home

Simple tips to secure your home

The thought of a burglar breaking into your house can be unsettling, and the concept of crime prevention can seem daunting. However, there are a number of outside and interior security measures you can take to assist ward off would-be burglars and prevent robberies. Let’s examine the top strategies for preventing crime and burglary in your house.

1. Secure Locks and Doors

The easiest defense for your house is to just lock all of the doors. Make sure there are no gaps along the frame, that your outside doors are robust, and that they close all the way. Additionally, make sure there are no loose pieces on the strike plate, hinges, or knobs of each door. If you discover any broken door hardware, fix it right away or replace it. Along with installing deadbolt locks on every external door, installing a security door might also be a prudent investment. A secure set of doors and locks will make it more difficult for burglars to break into your house.

2. Upkeep of Windows

Make sure that the screens, latches, glass panes, and window frames are all in good condition to prevent intruders from breaking into your home through windows. Make sure you get any necessary repairs done as soon as you can. 

Ensure that every window, including sliding doors, is firmly fixed to its frame and that it is locked when the window is closed. Additionally, you ought to think about installing window security film on any possible entryways, like back porches or garages. 

3. Turn It On

Put lights around your home’s entry points to serve as a significant deterrent to would-be burglars. Adding motion detector lights to the windows, doors, and garage will also bolster the protection on the outside. If you want to maintain good lighting within your house, you might want to think about installing light timers in a few different rooms. 

4. Exercise Caution When Distributing Extra Codes and Keys

In an emergency, it’s handy to have a neighbor store an extra key to your house, but be careful who has access to them. Remember that extra keys should only be kept by a select few individuals because anyone who possesses one can copy and spread them. Aside from that, as extra keys are readily lost or found, you should not conceal them outside your house. Make careful you replace the garage code shared with a babysitter or dog walker once their shift is complete. 

5. External Perspective

Examine your house from the outside, along with everything inside. Is it easy for burglars to look in when it’s vacant? Are there any opulent or high-end objects visible through the windows or doors? Look out for the little things that burglars might use as an excuse to get into your home in order to keep your family and belongings safe. 

6. Setting up a Security System

A home security system might be an excellent choice for your house if you work strange hours, are frequently away from home, or just want some additional peace of mind. Installing a security system is something that many local home security experts can do, in addition to the many do-it-yourself options. You may monitor your home’s entryways and receive alerts about any unusual behavior from a number of contemporary home security systems.

Home security company North West UK
Home security company North West UK

7. Construct a Smart House

Homeowners may now monitor and manage almost all security features from their tablet or smartphone thanks to smart home technology. Among the choices for safe smart home technology are:

Security cameras: By monitoring the exterior of your house with security cameras, you can monitor package delivery and any questionable activity while you’re away from home.

Lighting: A voice-activated assistant or smartphone app can be used by homeowners to control both interior and outdoor lighting, thanks to a variety of apps. 

Locks: Homeowners can regulate when their external doors are locked and unlocked with the use of remote access devices. The pet caretaker can therefore enter, but thieves cannot.

Garage Door: Installing a smart opener for total control can help you avoid the awful feeling of not knowing if your garage door was left open. 

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