Sales techniques : Sell me this pen!

Sales techniques : Sell me this pen!

Ever been asked this an at interview? Well, if it’s a sales job you should be, but I hear less and less of it’s use. It teaches the Interviewer that the candidate understands the basics of sales.

In the pen sale you must demonstrate a few  principles;

First off;  If you are a very experienced sales person, you may be expected to create the demand, it is argued that salespeople should not be responsible for demand as this falls int the remit of Marketing, but you must be ready to create the demand if you feel the situation arises.

So take the pen in your hand and ask the person to write their name, they wont have the pen, and will need to ask you for the pen, thus creating the demand principle.or just ask if the person wants a pen, seems daft when it’s been put on the table and you have been asked to:

“Sell me this pen” But, and a big but, that does not mean he wants a pen and by asking immediately from the start ”

Is Sir/Madam after a pen?” demonstrates that you understand the law of presumption and target marketing. No point in trying to sell something they do not WANT. If they say yes, (and they should) the next question is:

“These pens range from £1-£10 (make it up it’s not important, it’s role play) is that somewhere in the region you will PAY for a pen?” This demonstrates you have a grasp of the premise that they can afford a pen. No point going any further if it’s out of their budget!

Next question is:

“If you see the pen you want and the price you feel is right WHEN will you buy, and is it your DECISION to buy?” This demonstrates you need a decision maker and a definitive time when he will buy the pen.

When all of these questions have been answered as yes, you can then make up a pitch and close for the order.  Any deviation from the answers above like:

“I am waiting for my husband” or

“I won’t have the cash till next week” then the pen  must be handed back and then you say:

“Let’s wait for your husband to get here” or

“I will call then when you have the money.”

Too many salespeople travel for miles to try sell something to someone who either does not want , need, can afford, has the money or decision to buy from you regardless of how good your pitch is so:

Remember the pen!