Sales skills, sell convenience

How are your Sales Skills?

In the sixties when we went to the Doctors if he had said ‘Here take this Arsenic it’s good for you’ we would have done without question! The advertisements on the TV at that time were telling us how to live, what cars to buy, furniture to sit on, and we lapped it up, even cigarette advertisements telling us we look sexy with a cigarette, tell that to someone with a morning cough, yellow teeth, yellow fingers and advanced wrinkles now!

Fast forward to today, and we question everything, we feel we know a lot more about the advertising world and how they have manipulated our thinking for decades, yet we are still prone to a lot of media speculation. When the banks need us to stop spending they tell us we are in recession, and the ‘common sense’  swallows it.  I for one,  feel the majority of recessions are engineered by ‘those upstairs’. The madness of men and the movement of money are generally brought about by emotion rather than practicalities.

This generation now is a ‘have now generation’ we demand second opinions, we believe our friends more than the media, hence the birth of online social media, we want a fully furnished house to move into, ask your parents if they moved into furnished houses just after they were wed, nope! they saved for everything.

Chinese people have a lot more savings than the average Brit, which explains a lot about what they feel they need and what they want, driving a nation closer to being the richest on Earth.

Point is; sell convenience to this generation, as we have less time than generations before. We started NWTV as a full in house video package and we sold talking head videos, however when people started to consider the time it took to practice the script in the mirror for a couple of hours before getting to the studio, their video kept getting put back, and put back, and we found there was a lot of following up.

Yet when we started doing online TV interviews, where we just told our clients to turn up and we just chat in front of camera and we create an online press release at the same time, we sold 80% of them there and then, leading us to the conclusion that price and outcome were important, but the fact that it was easy to just turn up, chat for a couple of hours and be broadcasted to Netmediauk’s massive social media avenues, was a winning formula for us.

So have a look at your business model and think can you make it easier for your potential client? Can you streamline any of the process? If you can, you may be able to make it easier for the client to say yes, remember it’s not always about price it may be about their time!

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