Salary V Commission (What the Interviewer really thinks)

Salary V Commission (What the Interviewer really thinks)

Salary V Commission

Most Sales people don’t even look at a commission only roles, they need to have the basic as a security blanket, but what if I was to tell you that your probationary period and your quota is just another way of phrasing; commission only!

My old Sales Manager used to say “Alan, is the dog wagging the tail or is the tail wagging the dog?” it’s all about perspectives.

What makes me laugh is the candidates who sit before me and tell me how ambitious they are, they are so ambitious they are asking me to take care of them with a basic salary every month to cover rent and expenses, if they were that ambitious they would be sat the other side of the chair interviewing me for a job!

First off let me start by saying this blog is not an attack on the employed, any job is a good job if you are gaining experience, experience that will get you better money later on, or if you are saving for a deposit for your own business, if you are simply trading time for money, then you are wasting your life away.

Kiyosaki Author of best-selling ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad:’

“Employers will pay just enough to make sure employees return every day”

I remember back in 1984 being shown the ‘ever decreasing circle presentation’ at an Amway meeting, the people were seasoned business people and they showed me that the vast majority of the common sense were on a road to no-where, and that most are living beyond their means, and then, credit cards, your flexible friend as the advertisements told them, became the mainstay of the 80’sand 90’s and look where that got the world’s economy today!

I never got that much into MLM but their seminars have been massive for me, and regardless of what people tell you I never paid more than $40 for the best entrepreneurial speakers on Earth. In fact I would pretend to be really interested in their soap and selling for them, just to get on their seminars!

I have jobs at my directory sites, I work out what it is I need, then work out the commission, then take 40% off and call that a salary. If these so called ‘Sales Professionals’ who sit before me and tell me how their acumen will revolutionise my business were that smart, they would say:

“Hang on a minute so with a salary and I sell 100 units a month I get ‘A’ but the same job as commission only I get ‘A plus B C and D’ they would walk out with the job time and time again!

If you ever think: ‘what if I don’t sell anything’, well guess what, you probably won’t sell anything, you get what you most think about. Don’t let a negative thought enter your head, ‘speak no evil hear no evil,’ ‘deliver us from evil’ routine prayers designed to stop you following the devil blindly!

Dirty money.

Growing up in a working class family, I have so much to thank for the love I received, yet the idea of people making it on their own in business and being rich was, and still is very hard for folks in that environment to swallow, especially when times get tough,

I was never broke son, I always put bread on the table, and I never stressed about work from 5 pm down tools, till 8 pm up tools the next day” was drilled into my head.

You’d be bored with too much money” was another dogma I was doused in!

One thing I have learned along the way is that you don’t get bored if you have a lot of money, this is a malicious lie perpetrated by the elite to stop you having what they have!!

There is plenty to go round, and I learned that the common sense, which meant good thinking when I was a lad, now means the 98% of the world population who are jealous of the 2% with all the money, well stop being jealous and go and take it for yourself!

Look what the common sense does and do the opposite

When you realize the world is made up of people just as smart as you are then you will see the opportunities before you!

Herein is the working class conundrum; workers in the 1950s to the 1980’s had a lot more expendable income than workers today, in other words; things were cheaper back then, and after the main bills were paid people had ‘fun money’ left. Today there is less, added to that people living longer and fewer people in the work place to cover massive pension deficits, well it does not take an economy degree to work out today’s workers are not as happy as our folks were, and we will be poor if we rely on pensions to come.

Jobs are not ones birthright any more, and I just wish there was more education in schools to help people understand the way the world works and that all sales jobs are about what you can sell, and if sales people are really smart, they would look to start their own business and put innovation and people together and create something the people want, and market that, and then just like; “Dick Whittington who did not go to London to get a job’ he went to find his fortune, so find your fortune son” whom my Mum reminded me of who was the only other secret entrepreneur in my family, who supported me till the very end xx then you can find your fortune.

I just wish job hunters would negotiate a smaller salary and a bigger commission, and give themselves the best chance of walking out with a job offer, and making sure, if they are in an interview, to really push home what new skills they will gain from this employment, because after all you are really just making the boss rich, let’s get that clear!

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