You would not know an opportunity if it bit you on the butt

You would not know an opportunity if it bit you on the butt

How many people were told about BITCOIN 5 years ago? I know I was, and I missed the opportunity. Sadly I was one of those that missed that boat, I made a quick decision in my mind regarding Crypto currency because it was the easiest thing to do and I still have the scars on my ass to show for that!

More and more opportunities are becoming available to ordinary people now, crowd funding and angel investment being bywords for the new way to create your wealth. In the previous 50 years you could actually save some decent money in a job and have a decent pension, now however the world is leaning more towards finding projects to invest in as entrepreneurs, the internet and working from home along with ever advancing technology are providing new income opportunities for working people.

investing with leads4biz experts
investing with leads4biz experts

If you are on a path to find your wealth. then one aspect you must learn is to recognise opportunities, and to follow them through to give yourself the best possible chance of finding that one gem that goes viral and well, earns you in a month, than a Chief Engineer or Doctor makes in a lifetime!

We at Netmedia have been happily dragged at first,, then started skipping along the road of business Investment. It started when our network of people who are registered on our Advertising Directory and whom I keep in touch with on social media, asked me the questions:

Do you have in your network any Investors?

Do you have any decent projects I can invest in?

Like the host with the most, it started by just introducing one to the other, then many big investors became involved in our projects. Over time what I have begun to learn is this:

It’s not about the Money

If you as a startup or part established business, if you lead in with how much cash you are going to make after you get the cash injection, you will probably lose your potential investor quickly.

We have a portfolio of investors now and we categorise them into business arenas,  we approach them with the very best projects that fit their interest. Warren Buffet preaches to never invest in something you don’t understand. Many Investors look to become mentors to their projects. So if you have a coffee farm we are not going to pitch you to tech investors.

It’s the legacy and story that floats Investors boats. How will your idea change the world and answer a global problem? Investors already have money and are time rich, they want to put their money into things that will make a difference and peak their interest, and of they can help you with their experience and knowledge then this will develop a stronger bond.

Due Diligence

due-diligence on leads4biz
due-diligence on leads4biz

“If I had an axe and a month to chop a tree I’d sharpen the axe for 28 days first.” A President once said. This is your chance to go through everything with a tooth comb, ask the most prevalent questions, go through the figures, have a Mastermind group, seek knowledge from people within the industry whom are wealthy.

You don’t ask a Plumber on the best stocks to invest in, nor do you ask a Surgeon how to mend a leaky pipe. Asking friends who have never invested what to do, and relying on that means you will be as rich as they will be in the future. If it takes a month’s work to do the diligence, so be it, calculate that out against what the final result could be and value your time accordingly.

Expect to lose some

Diversity has become somewhat of a cliche, many believe it means to protect a financial advisor when a stock tanks. The simple fact is it is common sense in any walk of life.

In marketing we have a term called throwing mud at a wall which simply means approach the masses with a general message and hope someone out there wants what you are selling. I.E. throw a lot of mud at the wall some will stick.

In all walks of life successful people failed more than others, that is why they became successful. If you judge a boxer by his face which has probably been punched more times than Bernie Madoff last time he went to an investors meeting, then you will not see his pugilistic experience.

If you invest all your money in one thing only, then you will get absolutely no sympathy from sophisticated investors if it does not work out for you.

Many years ago, a friend and I were on a holiday,  we had never been to a casino, and since there was one at the hotel we thought we’d try it, we each limited ourselves to ten dollars and off we went to the tables, 10 minutes later we both arrived at the entrance door having been fleeced and we both lost our ten bucks, lesson learned?

Never invest what you cant afford to lose, and never underestimate the value of experience.

Leads4biz has a number of Investments starting for 10,000 T.H.B. up to 1 billion U.S.D. and some have just emailed us to come and see their project. If you are an investor tell us what floats your boat and we will send you some great ideas. If you are a start up in the garage with an invention to change the world talk to us as well.