New Year’s Resolutions that stick; why your previous resolutions never worked

New Year’s Resolutions that stick; why your previous resolutions never worked

New Year’s resolutions and why they don’t work (for most)

Ever met one of those people who have been to almost all the top motivational speakers seminars and has the book signed by nearly every top speaker on the circuit, has a library of books, tapes, CD’s yet has never really achieved that much?

Year after year these people make a list of New Year’s  resolutions and has been visualised their dreams like the Secret told them to do yet they still live amongst the mediocre, and fail each year to achieve what they say, sound like you?

You are not alone, like my Mum (My number one mentor) told me:

“What would all the police do if there were no criminals left?”

There is a multi-million dollar business out there in motivational speaking and the top ones have amazing lives, because they found a need.

What’s the first rule of sales? If there’s no desire, then create it!

Ever since America was the land of the free, people have wanted to get rich, but few can achieve it, so therein creates a need for people to teach you how to do it and they are not cheap!

When you have created the desire you have shifted the paradigm from one of selling to buying

The simple reason why so many people have not achieved what they set out to achieve is because they did not want it badly enough! Most people can achieve amazing things when they are in a really bad stressful situation and can astound themselves with what they can manage to do, but is the stress really worth it?

“Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die”

Jack M Zufelt is a different kind of speaker in that he educates people in how to redefine what it is that you REALLY want, and to focus on those goals only. There is a magic in focusing.

We have all met the kind of people at business networking events where you all try to guess what he is selling this month? Has he been successful in any of his endeavours? Exactly my point!

“The accessibility to learn anything that human life can offer you, is available, more so now with the internet, you have the ability to learn it, so what is stopping you? YOU ARE!”

You have to go back and look again at your resolutions and ask yourself; can you really not live with yourself at all if you fail? Will you literally stop breathing if that is not done?  If you say no I won’t die, then success is all down to chance!

If your New Year’s resolutions contain more than two things you want to achieve then you are very probably not going to realise them. Make just 2 resolutions maximum, this is where you can focus!

2 Resolutions and post them on your Social Media to bring yourself to account with friends family and peers and ask them to motivate and help you to focus purely on them.

How to find out what you really want is to know thyself and that advice is as old as time itself.