What are Mastermind sessions? (and how can you get on one in Bangkok?)

What are Mastermind sessions? (and how can you get on one in Bangkok?)

Consultancy is expensive right? We would all like to have a chance for people to come and give us their expert opinion to help us with our business, to get another point of view, a second opinion, well it does not have to be expensive if you all agree to give everyone a chance to be the person being helped.

Gaining knowledge is education, sharing knowledge is wisdom

As Aristotle put it; when you know what you don’t know that is wisdom, some call is consciously unconscious, I always been interested in this idea of ‘awareness’ of what we know, and what we don’t know. I recently read about the ‘Fermi paradox’ postulating that there is most probably civilised life out there in the universe, yet the paradox argues that some life forms may be so advanced that we as humans are not even worth talking to! So back to the pond life that is us.

From Bliss to a fall

When we are babies we don’t even know what a bicycle is, we are unconsciously unconscious, (We don’t know- we don’t know), I call this bliss. Then when we are three or four years old we see our older siblings riding a bike, but we know we can’t ride it ourselves yet, then kicks in the onset of a very human emotion called jealousy, or is juvenile ambition? So we become; consciously unconscious (We know we don’t know) Then when we are maybe five or six we learn to ride our own bicycle so we become consciously conscious (We know we can).

At that point you experience a new human emotion and deadly sin; Pride. (Before the fall that is!)

Knowing you don’t know is a massive realisation in business, and then you can start to correct and realign your core skills to make necessary changes for the better. Yet therein is a cost in time, effort and last of all that matters; money! Consultancy comes with a price and knowledge is power, because people recognise knowledge as a commodity.

But recently smart business people have found a way to glean knowledge from like-minded ambitious and learned professionals without it costing anything at all.

Mastermind sessions were born.

Imagine a room full of the best people in business, people who have equal or more experience than you, who have gathered together to brain storm about your business challenge that you have recently become aware of. Their input and wisdom; can really help you overcome whatever it was you were struggling with. What would that kind of consultancy be worth to you and your business?

Masterminds are a powerful peer-to-peer sharing forum that focuses on a specific and important purpose or task and outlines issues and opportunities associated with this theme. Attend the session you have the most interest in. If there is a topic of interest that you’d like to be covered–add it to the discussion board. Take an active role in your own education and gain relevant information through spontaneous interactions with passionate and experienced colleagues.

The astonishing thing about masterminds is everyone gets something from it; the ideas and creative thinking that is thrown around the room is so valuable to all concerned, everybody walks away with some new skills tricks and learning that is invaluable to any business person. This is the reason people cannot wait to get on a Mastermind session.

Add to this mix; a mind map that someone draws out whilst the ideas are being pitched and discusses and evaluated around this particular think tank, and you end up with the best possible answers there are available to your business conundrum at this time, and you should by then have a decision in your mind which is the best path to follow and consider to make that change you need.

Netmedia Thailand are small business mentors recognised by the UK government and can help you to understand how to manage your business and how to organise successful masterminds.

If you are in Chiang Mai why don’t you join our Meetup group.