Make ’em laugh! Biz-find NAKED promo

How do you make people watch an advert about your products and services that is to you probably quite mundane?

How do you make someone watch an advert about ordinary everyday things?

Well the simple answer is you don’t, the idea is to make something they want to watch, that the human mind is interested in, something out of the normal, and the service or product is just ‘in there somewhere’.

When my daughters were growing up we would see Television ads for breakfast cereals, and I would always ask them what are they selling? Initially, they said the name of the company, yet over the years I have taught them to be mindful about what you are being sold subliminally.

Now they see what the premise is, that they are being sold on, and they tell me they are selling:

The beautiful wife

The handsome husband

The well-mannered kids

The lovely new house with expensive furniture

The sunshine (that always seems to shine on TV)

Everything but boring cereal!

The subliminal message is:

Eat this cereal and you will have a perfect life!

Biz-find articles | the perfect family?

Biz-find articles | the perfect family?

Smart advertisers started selling us the dream decades ago, and Psychologists will tell you to be wary to what the television is hypnotising you to believe.

If you live in UK, the television has hypnotised UK people to believe that Christmas will be dreadful without a new 3 piece suite for the lounge or new dining table, that’s the premise, they sell emotion!

No sale was ever made without an emotion, so create one!

One such emotion is laughter and we all need the endorphins released when we have a good laugh, so the funny advertisement is as prevalent as it ever was.

Now with YouTube the small business person can create this emotion without selling a kidney and create a funny YouTube video to make your people laugh and going naked for this video and bearing my Ass,  has certainly made a lot of people chuckle and that alone was worth the effort!