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The Visita Group, including Visita International Philippines Inc. and H. Daya International Philippines Inc. is an established manufacturer and exporter of ready-made garments and a rising importer and distributor of hardware, office and sporting goods in the Philippines.

In 2010, VSI ventured into the software business launching a comprehensive biometric
payroll system. The product is seamless and computes attendance automatically and
efficiently including quit pay, maternity leave & among many others.

Today, VSI experts have skillfully developed & launched numerous software solutions to cater to the growing demands of different industries in the country.

Visita Solutions has various software packages that will increase your productivity exponentially.
VSI Biometric Payroll
VSI Accounting System
VSI Payroll Outsourcing
VSI Barcoded Inventory
VSI Production System
VSI Hotel Management
VSI Point-Of-Sale
As experts in customization, we will thoroughly analyze and robustly work to
tailor fit your business needs, without compromising quality service.

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