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At Fresh Start Health our mission is to help people to help themselves get back to health and be:

– free from aches and pains

– free from medication as much as possible (always under consultation from your doctor)

– bursting with energy

– sleeping well

– fully mobile

Natural Juice Therapyuses freshly extracted juice of raw fruits and vegetables to help you restore your inner health and well being so your body can operate from a position of strength, fending off illness and disease. It’s also fantastic for losing weight in a safe, healthy way.

Amatsu Physical Therapy helps you get rid of persistent aches and pains and restore balance to your body so you are fully mobile and pain free and can just get on with enjoying life instead of hobbling or aching your way through it.

NLP helps you get rid of the baggage such as stress, mood swings, self sabotage, anxiety, lack of confidence and self esteem that hold you back and then helps you clear the way to more emotionally balanced, brighter future.

For more information please visit: www.Fresh-Start-Health.co.uk or give Melissa a call on 07813 988186 to ask any questions you may have.

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