Lead Generation: Why you don’t need it

Lead Generation: Why you don’t need it

What do you think about the ‘Comfort zone life coaches’ whose life mission is to get you to feel pain? Some people hate them because they tell you there is growth in pain. Well, I fell and hurt my ankle a few weeks ago and was confined to the sofa for a few weeks and what did I learn? Not much except that sometimes life gives you pain for no apparent reason.

There are people out there who wake up each day thinking ‘I need more lead generation,’ and I am here to tell you……..you do not!

You need more happiness!

Whatever makes you hapeeeee

Why do you work at all? Most people answer by telling me ‘To pay the bills.’

So, (with my best annoying life coach hat on) I reply, “You work to pay bills?

They will recoil and say, ‘Well no of course not, but if I can pay the bills, I am happy.’

(Oh, I am just getting started now!)

So, you like paying bills? Here are my bills knock yourself out (and I pretend to hand them all my monthly bills).

OK, sorry, come back, listen. All I am asking is what makes you happy?

I dislike asking under 25s what makes them happy, because most have not lived or travelled enough to know themselves and what makes them tick. Heck, most have a divorce brewing or one under their belt already as they were led by lust and not true understanding of themselves.

The over 40s have a much better idea of what makes them happy. When you know what makes you happy you have found your motivation and your motivation is your refuge. It’s the one thing you can turn to when all hell has broken loose on the farm and you just must retreat and recharge.

So how does ‘happiness’ get me more sales Mr. Salesman?

Have patience, my apprentice…

Hard work does not necessarily make you rich.

The older you get the more you appreciate menial tasks like just brushing the floor and switching off and relaxing your head. I went to a temple a few years back all stressed out and the head monk there gave me a broom and said please sweep the floor and that was my job for the first few days until I was promoted to feeding the chickens.

It was hard doing that all day in the heat, but it gave my brain a rest. The hardest work you can do is with your brain which is why so few people chose to use their brain; it’s mentally and physically exhausting.

Lead generation is hard work on the brain. It’s like pushing the pedals to make a bicycle move forward until you can freewheel. It’s like shovelling coal into the furnace until the heat is enough for a few hours relaxation. The word ‘generation’ comes from ‘generator’ and needs hard work/fuel/energy/time to get it going.

For a few hundred years people slaved away each day pushing goods and dragging mammoths they killed along on the sand back to the cave until one guy got so fed up with the status quo and invented a wheel (maybe).

Our ancestors at work!

Someone, somewhere is looking at the way we do things and is currently creating something that they were told can’t be done, and this is the way we have always done things. Why rock the boat? Is ignoring all the negativity to change so many things for the better, whether we initially welcome it or not?

Sometime evolution goes through massive leaps like the day we find a better, greener power source or a way to travel beyond the universal speed limit; it will get done in time (if you excuse the pun).

Lead generation is all the things most have to do each day to find a new client, tasks like cold calling, content marketing on your website, email marketing, exhibitions, business networking at clubs and chambers of commerce. It’s social media, it’s a whole gamut of things that are so time demanding and also cost a lot if you employ the best people or do it yourself.

In my experience of 15 years of branding and marketing I have learned that around 80% of people hate doing some or most aspects of lead generation and dream of a world where buyers just knock on the door each day.

Yet it is feasible that you could find someone who is changing the internet and has developed a way that people ‘trade their buying information in return for marketing’ and then has a list of buyers where you can read about what they are looking to buy first. Then, if you can supply to them just get in touch. But how many people are trading information each day? is the question I would ask and if we said:

At this moment in time, over 6,000 business owners and top-level executives (decision makers) across the world have joined our leads revolution. You surely then think ‘well they must have some buyers for me!?’

Then that is the right question.

For free marketing to over 30,000 monthly visitors on our site and then to 300,000 on social media, all we ask from you is tell us a few things you are buying when you sign up. Does that sound like a fair trade? Then we can give all our members a list of buyers that you don’t have to kill yourself to find! let us make your life easier and try to bring a little happiness back into your life.

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