Business does not have to be Hard

We are all pre-programmed to believe that ‘anything easy is not worth having,’ and ‘if it is too good to be true, it probably is’. We are trained as soon as we can walk that life is not easy as we fall over and bump into things. The floor is hard, the table corner hurts etc. 

‘Get used to it son, it’s about rolling with the punches’ as my Grandad used to say. 

Well life is hard enough but business does not have to be.


I often feel that there has to be an easier way. A business can spend a lot of time, money and effort to find that client who wants to buy their products, and that client could be next door, literally in the next office. We all seem to be stuck in a rut doing what we have learned to do to find our next client.

‘What got you here does not always get you there’

Let us imagine, for one second, that today everyone who wants to buy a product or a service, whether it be B2B or B2C, is sitting around, thinking, and then just like magic their suppliers suddenly appear right before them with the right offerings at the right prices and the sellers were in equal awe and amazement how they have been all suddenly transported through the wormhole of my imagination to be right in front of the right buyers at the right time.

How much time and money would that save the world?

But, and a very big BUT, maybe all the educational and marketing businesses listed below suddenly be out of business:

  1. Website design companies
  2. SEO companies (India would be finished overnight)
  3. Email marketing platforms and telemarketing companies
  4. Exhibitions and expo centres all shut down
  5. Social media would be cut in half Facebook would only be your friends and family
  6. Google would lose billions overnight from ad revenue
  7. Online marketing consultants all queuing outside the benefits office
  8. Business Consultants and life coaches all on the scrap head
  9. Trillions lost to the economy in my little reverie

But it’s not that simple? Business is not all about sales is it? Let us imagine you have no one selling anything. Do you still have a business to speak of? No shop or website, no sales people, no affiliates and just no sales. 

We sales people wonder why we are occasionally given a bad reputation. We truly make the world go around because everyone needs sales and money.

The sordid subject of Sales

Ask yourself, as a business owner, if you were presented with more qualified leads to your business how much more profitable would you be? The profit in any business is about sales v. cost of sales and what it cost you to bring in that sale. Then you will know if you were profitable or not.

For most business they add up all their sales revenue then subtract all their standing overheads and their ongoing costs like Marketing and Sales Team to get to their net profit.

Now imagine that the profit that is generated for any business when a client walks through the door and says; “I want to buy this right now here is my cash!” One client like this throws off all your calculations and forecasts and makes it so hard for your accountants and investors to understand your business because a client like that is so profitable for you. You should treat that client like a King! Oh, if you could just get a few more like that.

find buyers online
finding the buyer amid all the sellers is the challenge!

It does happen in business, once in a blue moon.

Years ago when I was a salesman for an office equipment company, getting a sale was traced back diligently by my Manager, right down to how many calls I made, how many compliment slips I gathered, how much information gathering I did, the cost of networking events and the cost of the companies advertising and branding budgets, and he could whittle it down to how much that sales eventually made in pure profit and 99% of all my sales were like this. 

However one day I got a call and this guy who said:

“Listen up kiddo (he was from Liverpool), save me and yourself the spiel, I’ve seen one of your machines in a friend’s office, I want one now. How do I pay?” I was there in 1 hour and signed it all up and gave him a delivery time. I drove back to the office with the order in a state of shock. The commission I made for 1 hour’s work was equal to 2 months’ salary for the national average at that time.

My Boss had to pull me in. He was happy for me, but I was just a kid. He had to temper my excitement and tell me that it’s true, you do get them once in a blue moon, they do come along, but waiting for those kind of deals is professional suicide. He was right. It was maybe 3 years later when I got another deal like that; the rest was pure hard work!

Later when I started my own business doing digital marketing consultancy, I always looked back to that day and wondered if there was ever a way to make deals like that happen more often; the ultra-profitable ‘no work deals’ that land on your lap that are so easy to sell and just make your day!

Then I started an online business directory and when we reached 5,000 members I thought how good it could be if we got the buying information of some members and then supply those leads to the other members through an affordable membership program so we could all get more of those all so powerful qualified sales leads.

Well look no more, this is exactly what we have done.

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