In a world full of sellers where are the buyers?

In a world full of sellers where are the buyers?

Whatever you sell, if you go to a search engine like Google and input your product or service, the first page of Google is not going to have many buyers of your stuff, even if you put ‘Buyers of (your product or service)’ the results will still be 99.9% sellers.

Why has the internet become a digital shopping mall of hawkers and people doing everything they can to get you to buy stuff?

Wouldn’t it be a business owner’s dream to invent something amazing and then when ready just put what you sell into Google and all the buyers were there just waiting for you to answer their prayers and sell to them.

You would not need sales people and their 1000 years’ worth of skills and hypnotism, you would not need any website or digital marketing people, well there is a few million out of work immediately!

Sadly, the world is ‘seller led,’ the challenge here is the best sales people rule the world and you may not always have the thing you want, you just have what the best sales people on Earth convinced you to have!

Your decision …really??

Maybe just maybe someone has a smartphone with a battery that lasts a week on one charge, but we never hear of him because the smart phone companies we know are the ones with a billion dollars’ worth of branding to tell you who is best, and who you should buy.

Maybe there was a car that ran on some very ecological source that costs $10 to fill a tank but he has been shot and silenced because the world order would struggle to change quickly enough to that concept, the products and services we consume are the ones the advertisers tell us buy!

Every business sells something right?

We look to our hardened sales people in the same way we look to tough soldiers to save our bacon from dictators and despots in a time of war. We love them but do we relate to them?

Our job is not to sell, we are artists who create things, we solve problems, we scratch an itch and then we get annoying sales people to use spiel and manipulation to create a market and sell our stuff. Selling is beneath us!

After 30 years of direct sales, I loved the sales trade it taught me so much about human phycology, however I moved to the peripheral field of marketing and it concerns me how we are to change the world to balance out the buyers to seller’s ratio online.

Is business to remain in the present format of: 

Someone invents a product/creates a service we need

Tries to sell it online and gives up,

Hires marketing and gets leads but still can’t sell  

Adds a sales team who are trained to sell to the leads marketing create.

We have a full circle leaving the ‘middle men’ with 60% of the profits and the inventors the dregs.

For every sale there must be a buyer, people buy stuff every day. I refuse to believe they did not have a need until a marketing or sales person created it.

too many sellers Leads4biz
too many sellers Leads4biz

When our Customer Service team speak to our members and ask them what they are buying the mental conditioning to sell comes to a massive mental stoppage and the conversation goes something like this:

“Er, …sorry, we sell bread!”

“Yes of course Sir, your listing on leads4biz tells us you are a baker who sell the finest bread, but we are a business matching site we are looking for what you buy in”

“Sliced Bread or wholegrain?”

“No sir I am sorry let us start again, do you buy yeast? Do you buy bread ovens? do you buy shop fittings/ do you buy advertising? do you buy ingredients?”

“Well yes of course we do”

“OK great tell us those things that you are currently sourcing”

We then publish these buying requests on our site for premium pro members with decision makers name and contact details and a budget to peruse making leads4biz the first ever reverse engineered search engine for buyers.

So, you as an inventor/creator can peruse the categories and find a buyer rather than spent years learning how to grow your social media to a level whereby even a few people like a post or a blog, or pay a Devils ransom to Google only to find hundreds of not real people click your Google ad (mainly competitors) or hire a sales person with an inflated salary with commissions along with team building incentives and manage all those egos.

Everyone’s time on Earth is shorter than you think, we all want to do what our heart wants to do. If you are a creator /inventor or small business and cannot afford the huge fees demanded by the sales and marketing community, then consider ledas4biz business matching community.

Step 1. Register your business and we advertise you to our site traffic and social media starting from Free!

Step 2. Tell us what you are buying

Step3. Go to the buyers leads page and go to your category of what you sell and read what the buyers want

We believe we have the first ever sales and marketing website They say tell a story and mine is simple; I want to balance the sellers to buyers ratio online.  You can help us all do this by registering your business to advertise  and tell us what you are buying thereby balancing the need for us all to find as many buyers as we find sellers.

add business to leads4biz
add business to leads4biz