Caring is Sharing (Haiyan Storm)

Caring is Sharing (Haiyan Storm)

Welcome to our very first blog for the Philippine market.

We just wanted to say we saw the Haiyan storm here, and we are hoping you are all coping ok. In fact certain areas here in Thailand saw some damage from the aftermath like Cha am and Hua Hin, if we got the end of the storm , it must have been quite frightening for you guys!

We are strong believers in the law of attraction and action. after all a thought is just a thought , a thought put into action delivers a result and with that result comes an opposite and equal reaction, so we have slaved for over 5 years for little return, we just enjoy what we do. I was never happy going to networking events asking for things, like business from other people, or needing to sell, in fact I made many excuses not to go networking because I felt I needed to take something from others.

As soon as I found my balance , as in where I am able to approach people and offer them help and free marketing, well you could not stop me networking, t was a joy and I have been to so many events around the world to tell people about the biz-find sites and how it’s 100% free and we market your business to our social media for free.

But as the Philippine people pick up after the storm they will see the light and grow from the experience and improve defenses and alerting systems, and become again the warm and friendly strong people we know them to be.

Here’s to the future of Biz-find and for Philippine business to get the maximum leverage from us.

Stay safe Philippines!