Have you got a barbecue in your Villa in Sicily ? Well forget it!

Have you got a barbecue in your Villa in Sicily ? Well forget it!

During these days there is an shock new is astonishing barbecue lovers
According to a research managed by British scientists it has been discovered that in a barbecue lurk more bacteria than water. This discovery is shocking barbecue lovers from all over the world especially in the southern part of Italy where barbecue is a real ritual in Sicily villas.
British researchers have warned all these fans of barbecue affirming that: the grid accumulate waste products containing meat and animal innards, cradle for bacteria such as E. Coli, staphylococcus and salmonella.
A drama, for villas Sicily owners, that usually spend all their Sunday morning grilling meat.

Biz-find articles |sicily

Biz-find articles |sicily

The right way of using the barbecue of your villas in Sicily
Anyway there are some useful advices to preserve your health and above all your Sicilian villa barbecue such us:
1)Lighting barbecues well in advance: because food should not be cooked over a high flame in order to prevent the food from cooking too quickly on the outside but remaining raw in the middle, that means the perfect situation for bacteria proliferation and food poisoning bugs
2) Take out only the right quantity of meat that will fit into your barbecue
3) Divide cooked meat from raw meat- avoiding in this way cross contamination, leading to food poisoning
4) Cook well your meat: when cooking meat on the barbecue it is important to turn the meat regularly to make sure food is cooked properly.
5) Don’t leave the meat standing away from the refrigerator for a longer period of time because outside temperature is perfect for breeding bacteria.
6) Don’t partially cook food on a barbecue and then finish cooking it later. Half-cooked food is a good environment for bacteria.

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