The future of advertising

People are sharing marketing videos now that are essentially little movies and they are going viral, the link to the company at the end of these videos may be very tenuous at the best, but that is the very point. If you can make someone think about your business for a second, the conscious cognitive process is like creating a hook in your brain and is what memory consultants try to get you to do to remember something forever. And this is the genius of very smart marketers.

When you can get people to share something and it goes viral that is priceless for your business. I always referred to TV and Radio advertising as forced advertising, the type of advertising that is apologetic but just the right amount of time (they know this through decades of research) that it takes before someone will just switch over or stay through the ads to see the rest of the show, The ads are reasonable entertaining within the 30 second slots they have to get a name across. But again the hardest thing to do is get engagement!

Now companies are getting smart and they are making mini movies to get you to watch and tell your friends and they are always a very strong emotion, because emotion sells, always has, always will, feelings are never forgotten, feelings are a marketer’s best friend. You will always remember your first kiss.

Advertising has only just realised the very concept that bloggers have cottoned on to years ago which is to give and share magnanimous content and people will ‘WANT’ to watch and will make the effort to click links to see and share with friends, and the karmic value in this is that people will love and trust your brand like never before, then like your business page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and engage in your content which is the very best social media marketing strategy you could hope for.

‘What can we make a movie about?’ ‘What can I write about?’ are questions I hear on every single social media marketing course in Bangkok I have ever taught. The relevance to your subject matter can be a million miles away, but as long as it’s feasible it will work, as long as your content has meaning and emotion.

Warcoal have made this awesome mini-movie. Thai people will know Warcoal as a brand that makes Bras, the video however explores motherhood and child care in a most effective and powerful way the link is all about womanhood and this advertisement is pure genius of branding! The branding people at Warcoal are also ultra-aware that these little movies sit on a smart phone perfectly and are just long enough for most people’s train journey home; Bravo Warcoal!

You have to ask yourself what you are going to do this year to get people to go out of their way to look at your business or share your name and then, actually tell people to go to your content because it is so deep and meaningful. What can you do to get your name to be associated with trust and love and or a whole plethora of strong emotions?

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