Forget the closing techniques…

Forget the closing techniques…

As a sales person of twenty years I always had an issue with the ABC of sales we were all taught. Always be closing.

Getting constant yesses and confirmations throughout the entire interaction made the whole process seem more of a system than actually giving the client what they asked for and wanted.

Like anything if it becomes too sterile, the joy and emotion of someone buying something and you selling something disappears into an unnatural drill.

We are taught to build rapport with our potential clients, then where do we draw a line in getting to know someone and enjoying human company then suddenly we turn to our autonomous faceless salesperson and start asking for confirmations at the end of every sentence?

There are just too many variables to remember in our training and if we concentrate on all our training we lose ourselves and our natural ability.

In my very first sales job selling vacuum cleaners to the public in the mid-eighties there was a huge sign on the wall that said

‘Nothing is sold till we get excited’

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘retail therapy’ as in we all enjoy buying something for ourselves, even in business, we all like things that improve our efficiency and make our lives easier.

Sure yes there is a system to sales and there is a beginning, a middle, and an end, yet too many people concentrate on the end and keep their energy for the close.

We are all taught so many different kinds of closing techniques when in reality we should have sold our service and product in the middle so our potential client is closing you!

If we enjoy what we do and we like people that excitement is contagious and more sales are completed by happy sales people than the best salesperson with the perfect drill.

So let go next time, throw out the text book of sales, have fun and try to see things from the client’s point of view and enjoy their purchase rather than your sale and let’s see what happens.

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