Everyone hates sellers! How to find Buyers!

Everyone hates sellers! How to find Buyers!

I wish I had a cent for every time someone asked me to find them a buyer!

The internet is awash with people selling, with so few people online broadcasting what they are buying, and a colossal trillion-dollar industry sits in between the buyer and the seller, from online marketing to business networks to exhibitions and consultancy and training all to find more sales.

‘Oh, if only there was an easier way to know where the buyers are’

Seems counter intuitive to me that there must be as many buyers as there are sellers or no one would be in business, right?

I always think the same when I hear of men having affairs. There must be an equally guilty party right? But men in their childish insecurity tend to brag about it and it is more known, the ladies fearful for their reputation are not as forthcoming about who they date in secret. So, whilst it takes two to tango, we more often only hear from one side.

Mee-eeee and Mrs Jones!
There is a way to find buyers, and I am now going to open a massive can of worms that will probably cull trillions of dollars in business …

You ask people what they are buying! 

What! That’s insane! You say it cannot be that easy! Well yes and no.

To get people to open about their buying needs you first must build some rapport. Online rapport is very fickle, so you must reciprocate at first.  

Online rapport

Reciprocation is the art of giving away yourself and things initially to get the people to trust you enough to give you information and or money!

Examples of reciprocal marketing are things like:

  • An opening offer (T-shirts key rings, calendars etc.)
  • A New customer discount (Think businesses who give away 90% tokens for first time)
  • Content Marketing that educates your target market (blogs, newsletters, text message reports etc.)
  • Free marketing of their business in return for buying info

So, once you have this rapport and your target market is in no doubt that they are getting something that will benefit them in some way they are more open to give away their buying information.


Customer-centric means getting into their mind of your buyer and to remember What’s In It For Them

Currently, you need to be able to grasp their attention in less than half a second that it takes to scroll up a phone with your thumb! Why should they care?

What is the pain solution you are selling? Can you communicate that quickly? I train my clients to have a ten-word pitch that describes their main benefit.

Our ten-word pitch is:

‘We brand your business to 300,000 real people for free.’

The longer version, after someone at a networking event asked for more information after the first ten-word pitch is more like:

“We offer a free business directory and marketing to our site visitors plus 300,000 real people on social media driving traffic back to see your company info in return for a few buying leads. A kind of leads exchange.”

This is how we find our buyers and our Premium Pro members get access to the buyer’s name and contact details the minute it is posted for them to call and contact.

It is lonely working from home

It is a good sell isn’t it? Work from home, no commute, no boss, no uniforms, but in reality no one cares about you. Your anonymity from working from home behind a computer affords you some freedom sure, but don’t kid yourself the world cares. You could die at your desk and the internet will just carry on whilst your festering corpse stinks out your home and the security or police are called eventually.

She is not dead honest!

What I am saying is all this reciprocation malarkey takes time and/or money. Sure if you have half a million U.S.D. I can guarantee you a few clients this week even for big ticket items like pensions, houses and cars. If you don’t have that kind of budget you have to get your head down and do it the long and laborious way like we had to.

Or you can find someone like us who has already laid the marketing foundations!

Since 2008 when we started we had to beg people to join our website and blogging every day wondering if anyone ever reads your stuff and giving away so much free marketing it hurt my heart.

We can now say we have critical mass and over 6,200 businesses who have joined our site leads4biz and tell us their buying info every day.

We have over 30,000 monthly visitors at present who scroll through our listings. On top of this we share all new business to over 300,000 on our social media reach. We think that it is worth you telling us a few things you are looking to buy for yourself of for your business in return for free marketing.

And you thought we were just a boring old business directory! Pah!

Add your business today and if you want to go free fill in the buyers info! if not get your wallet out you cheapskate!