Even the Village idiot can sell

Here’s a little tale about two sales people in the same job but they both come from two completely different walks of life. Based on their life’s experience can you tell me who is the more successful?

Charles graduated from Oxford University with a first in Computer science and Business. His parents are both lawyers. He started his first proper job after leaving University at XYZ Software Company as a sales Representative. The company head hunted him in the second year.

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So perfect business man

He figured that the experience he will gain here will be influential to him as a business owner in the future. He meets his new colleagues on his first day and he also meets Tony who started as a rep like him on the same day.

Tony was raised on a trailer park, he was never really sure who his father was, many men visited his mother so it could have been Chuck, or he kind of looked like Marlon, he was never 100% sure.

Don’t got no braynz

After being expelled many times from school he managed to leave school at 15 and get a job at the local garage, he did have many run ins with the police, but he was underneath; a good person.

Tony’s goodness was proven the day he heard shouts from a local river where he saw that a car had managed to lose control somehow and had crashed into the water and the driver was unconscious, so he waded in and saved him.

Later he learned that the person he saved was the owner of XYZ software and Tony always wanted to have a better job, so this is how Tony came to work at the same company and started on the same day as Charles.

Month one in the job, and it did not take too long before Charles’s acumen and education was starting to show and Tony seemed to be being; left behind. Charles had already enrolled in the local Rotary, B.N.I. and the Masons, meeting some highbrow members of the business community and playing Golf twice a week.

Charles’s telephone manner was superb, and he was making many calls to new business to get appointments, and in the first 4 weeks Charles had met over 20 new people and was forging strong relationships where he could sell software.

Charles even had his own website and was blogging every day about software and giving away his knowledge about business and how to grow the bottom line. Charles had over 2,000 contacts on LinkedIn and had many followers on his Twitter account and was an expert in Social media something he started growing years ago when at Oxford and he knew it would help him in any business.

Tony however was sat at his desk most days “Looking at some boring online business directory, as if that is going to get him any business” Charles would scoff at him.

Tony however seemed undaunted and continued to amble through the first month, not seeming to do anything at all worthwhile to get business for the company, his Sales Manager thought he may intervene, but Tony seemed so relaxed and told the boss everything would be okay, so much so that he was intrigued and he decided to give Tony the benefit of the doubt to see what would come at the sales meeting at the end of the month.

The big Sales meeting arrived and as is custom at a national sales meeting the teams sales figures are announced, the top sales men get a lot of kudos and certificates as well as their fat cheques.

Charles was really confident he had done really well he had made quota first month and his manager was very pleased with him. However the room was completely brought to silence when the Sales leader was announced as Tony with 3 times quota for the month!

The Hillbilly won??

This unassuming ‘Hicksville refugee’ as they called him had astounded everyone including the experienced reps with their long pipelines of business that took years to manipulate with one of the best months ever in sales value to the company!

The National Sales manager handed him his Salesman of the month certificate, and a big fat envelope of cash as he didn’t have a bank account as yet, and asked him to give a small speech of what he had done, so as “To help the other runners up” as he put it!

“Well” he stared in his real drawl.

“I figured that this job is about selling products, and regardless of what you know, it’s about; ‘closing the business,’ you can have millions of people on Social media and spend months and month meeting people and establishing business relationships but it all means nothing if you don’t sell, I thought about it like this;

We don’t get paid for building relationships or having millions on social media and spending ages writing on your websites, and we sure as heck don’t get paid for losing at Golf on purpose, we get paid for what we sell, so I just went to where there are the most people asking for software and I sold to them, it seemed pretty straightforward to me”

The room was still as silent as a vacuum with stunned sales academics, and Tony though he may need to simplify things further:

“If you aint the best fisherman in the state, you have better go fish where there is the most fish who are the hungriest, and just by default if you fish there you are going to catch a lot of fish even if you are the worst fisherman by miles.

I went daily to a website called leads4biz.net, and there they give you a list of people who are looking for software, and loads of other categories of business where people are all buying every day, seemed a no brainer to me.

Ya’all see; this website is a free business directory on the surface, but these guys give all business a free listing and market them on the internet for free, this then gives them a community of businesses who they can contact every day and ask them what they are buying, they then sell these as pay for leads.

Over the month I received emails from them when one of their community members wanted software, and I didn’t have to travel far, as the leads were all in my area. I called the number and the names on the leads who were all decision makers, I made an appointment showed them the software and sold it. That is about it, can I go sit down now?”

Leads4biz is an advertising directory who happen to sell qualified sales leads They sell genuine leads from their listed members who want to purchase B2B products and services every day, simple as.

You can spend months doing all the usual things we all have to do building business relationships, but if you need business now and who doesn’t?

You can go to leads4biz find their sales leads button and scroll down till you see your category of business and there is a wonderland of people looking to buy what you sell!

All the leads in any category are yours for less than a very cheap cup of coffee each day!

We call this flipping the internet 180 degrees and creating a digital world of buyers instead of what it is now; a world of sellers who very few people listen to.

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