The dream business scenario

The dream business scenario

The dream business scenario

As business people the most challenging role has to be accepted as finding new business. Whether we are in start-up phase, SME phase, or about to sell the company; the concept of capitalism is always about growth, and evolution. Finding new business will always require creativity and new ideas.

The idea that there is an endless stream of clients waiting to buy what we have, seems to be a pipe dream to many, and sadly a lot of hours goes into client acquisition and it costs an average of $2,000 across the board of business to glean one new customer.

This got me going back to the book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Professors at INSEAD and Co-Directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.

They postulated that the vast majority of businesses are spilling blood into a very small overpopulated ocean of business all fighting for the same patch of water, in other words; they all sell the same things to the same people every day, and all their creativity is used up thinking how to go one better or make the same thing more attractive.

Consider the poor old Marketing team and the razor blade companies having to come up with a new thing to add on to a simple razor blade each month!

The Blue Ocean is the market place of new innovation and new ideas that has little competition and therein the greatest challenge you face as a business person in the blue ocean is to educate and brand your new product. It is also an area of business where you will find new clients for your existing services, as in branding to people who have not yet heard of you.

Consider how easy it was to market the IPod when all that was out there at the time was a Sony Discman, no competition all you need is a great new idea that people need, creating an environment where you don’t need to sell, because people are beating a path to your door to have what you have created.

Many will argue there is no such thing as a new mousetrap, as in; all things have been considered, or have they? Steve Jobs innovator and misunderstood entrepreneur said:

“Don’t tell me we will do it better, tell me how we will do it differently”

Sometimes all we have to do is change a slight thing about us and we have massively different results, think about your golf swing, it’s all about tiny shifts in our posture to achieve massive growth in distance and aim.

Let’s go back to our dream business scenario;. You turn up at the office, and you have had a great last month you turned over a lot of business, well done, pat on the back!

But now you have to almost start from scratch to find a new client or two, how did you do it last time? Did it take months of networking at business clubs, and writing blogs and sharing to social media, using LinkedIn CRM and email marketing to find those clients whom you just sold to?

Well I hope you have lots saved up, because if you are like most of us, we need to celebrate and relax a little for that’s the reason we work right? To make money to be secure, so we can enjoy our spare time and have quality time with family and friends, ok I am as guilty as many of returning to the office to start the whole cycle again knowing all too well the revenue from the last sales isn’t really going to eke it out again all the way from starting from scratch to selling your product or service.

                                 But what if there was another way?

What if there was a website that was like a big speed networking event where everyone was buying and selling at the same time? Then to find a customer to sell to; is as easy as logging on!

I came up with this idea many years ago, the concept is simple:

‘Every single day someone, somewhere, buys something for their own businesses’

If you could bottle that information it would become valuable, but like anything you have to give and give first. So stage one was the directory, every company needs to join online directories to market their own business and to get a strong SEO link, this we give free on all our directory sites, then we actually pay our members in incentives and cash, to give us leads, as in; products and services they are currently asking for quotes for, we then we publish these ‘buying requests’ in categorised order for sellers to apply to.

Like one big online business marriage service.

This is what I call my Blue Ocean space, the environment where you have created something that people want and need, so the hardest thing to do is not run out of supply.

The internet is changing the way we do business and now I believe cold calling is dead and even business networking the mainstay of great business connections over the last 15 years, has lost its edge somewhat, as there are too many people selling at these events and not going with the idea to create professional friendships and farm for business that has made it less effective than it first was.

So if you are selling something today, add your business to a biz-find site free, and then tell us what you are looking to buy when you sign up, we will give you many great incentives to give us leads and you will then receive many competitive quotes, making your decision making process easier after receiving quotes from the poor old people swimming in the red blood ocean…

If you are in need of customers today then checkout our leads page to see if any of our members are buying what you sell today!

Contact Biz-find to have us look at your brand and online marketing strategy today!