Don’t trust anyone with your social media!

I was alarmed this morning when at a networking event a company had 5 minutes to present to the group, they were a social media marketing company In Bangkok who offer a service to take over your Linkedin account and glean contacts and appointments for you, I don’t know about you but this seems very scary to me.

The whole point of social media marketing is to be you, and brand the people behind the company. I am not understanding all this cloak and dagger activities, what do you have to hide? Surely if you are in business you recognise the adage that ‘people buy from people.’

I would not hand over my Linkedin profile passwords to anyone, no matter how well-meaning you think they are.

I have met a few people who kicked and screamed at the idea of Facebook, and why can’t they just set up a page without a profile, er, because; the business page has to belong to a person, sure, once you have opened a business page with your profile, you can post and write on other peoples pages and profiles as the company, nothing really points directly to you.

Social media profiles, business pages and groups and domains especially, are starting to have real value and you must start to take ownership of what you have, and see the branding value and monetary value, this in what we call online real estate!

I remember the case of a Bangkok clinician, who is quite famous in the higher Thai echelons of society, who entrusted an employee to create their business page on Facebook and that employee left after two years and took 30,000 odd people with him on the Facebook page, I bet he was an attractive candidate for a competitor company, Poor Dr. ‘O’ could do nothing about it! In monetary value I would say that business page was worth around 500,000 USD: 5 times what the page brought in and converted into sales annually! That’s a huge loss!

Getting people to do blogs for you is fraught with challenges imagine the scenario:

You are at a networking event and the CEO of a company you have been trying to get to see for ages approaches you and says: “ I love your comments on the ASEAN conference coming up soon, do you really think Myanmar have a lot to offer the South East Asian community?”

You panic because you don’t know what the hell he is on about, because you didn’t write the blog some guy from India wrote it for buttons, and you can’t tell if he is being sarcastic, praising you, or just plain inquisitive how you can be so  good at writing drivel !

I have been doing social media marketing since 2007 and hence I own all the top level domains for Thailand including socialmediamarketingthailand.com and socialmediamarketingbangkok.com et al Yet owning the domain is only the first step on your journey, you can own the domain but if you don’t have an autonomous nature to write and write and write altruistically and give away all your heart and soul so that people know you, then online marketing is not for you.

Did you know it takes around 40 blogs on your blog site with lots and lots of likes from people on their social media to start getting real ranking on Search engines and be branded as the go to person?

Clients want KPI’s and guarantees from the social media presence now, and this is , if you are doing it well,  only seen from the number of genuine leads you have coming in, and if they all say the same thing, I saw what you wrote and wondered if you can help us?

Too many businesses sprouting up offering to do your social media for you, let me save you all a bit of time guys, you do not know any companies business like your own, and writing blogs for other companies is a nightmare, try this for example:

Tell your nearest and dearest you will write a blog for them about what they do at work, and see what arguments that entails when she reads what you wrote, we always see things from our prospective.

Netmediauk and Netmediathailand teach companies everything they need to know to run an effective online marketing campaign for them. We teach how to start a blog site and to write their own blogs, and post to social media and how to grow their social media presence with the right people. We also show them how for a couple of hours a week, they can get their keywords to the top of Google and brand themselves effectively,

We teach skills for life, so you know the value of what you are doing, and the price others want to charge you for doing stuff not as good as you can do for yourself!

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, give him a rod, and he can catch loads of fish and sell them on the market and go and have a beer with the missus on the proceeds, clever boy!

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