Cryptos V Banks, who are the crooks again?

Cryptos V Banks, who are the crooks again?

I would put a good bet on that there would not be many people out there who can say honestly the banks has not stung them once or twice in their life, and like a Casino the bank always wins.

Do you remember when banks where run by managers? Educated, gregarious people who had to be of a good standing financially, who would have had an instinctive feel about people, they  would more than often give that factory owner a few more days to make the payroll as he remembered the business owner was a good hared working family man, went to his church,  employed locals and fed into the local economy. He would waive charges for people based on common sense like bills coming out hours before cash went in, he would help you receive your bank holiday cash and holiday funds, he was a ‘people person,’ now however the computer rules the banks decision making processes, and the people who bank with them  have had enough!

It is also the waiting for cash that riles so many people, the 3-5 working days, which inevitably falls over a weekend, so 3-7 days you are kept waiting, checking your balance every day, telling your kids:

Yes, sweetheart as soon as the bank sends my cash, we will get you your school books”

We all know the cash has arrived within a day to the bank!  but the banks now have an economy based on keeping your cash for as long as they can, because the raw profits they make with your money after the close their doors at 4 pm (yeah if you went home that early you would go out of business within a month!) then their real work begins, shorting stock and doing overnight trading that drives the vast majority of your profits. So, the bank charges they are so quick to dish out to us are not a great cash cow for them, moreover they just want to scare you, so you do not leave them with less trading funds each evening.

Banks must have wondered when the back lash was coming, there is only so much punishment you can dish out to the general public, there is a point when the Israelite will fall to the floor, flip his Pharaoh master with his whip the middle finger, and say; ‘I am done, whip me all you like, I just don’t care anymore!’

Imagine being able to send currency to anyone, anywhere, immediately and they receive immediately as well and with no questions asked, well this is the USP promised by Cryptos.

Try to imagine the executive for your High Street bank addressing the shareholders at the last annual meeting

‘If we are to give ordinary people 100% command of their own money, well I think we can all agree; the world will go to the dogs, ordinary working-class people can’t handle money! We must fight Cryptos at every corner because they are the single biggest threat we have ever endured. So, we have a multi-billion-dollar marketing budget to flood social media with negativity regarding cryptos, to culture fear and uncertainty. Don’t you worry Shareholders we got this!’


‘Hmm,’ says the fly on the wall, ‘multi billion dollars for anti-Crypto marketing eh? yet they just told old Mrs. Jones the widow, that her house will foreclose as she is 2 months behind, and the bank has no spare funds to help her, even though her husband was loyal to the bank for 60 years!’

Let us face it, we all hate fat cat bankers, they are the last vestige of the types of characters who hail from public schools, like the generals who sent thousands of young men to die, quoting numbers rather than thinking they were the sons of Mums and Dads whose kids don’t come home from the trenches!  

Banks are old school and they should be scared; the people are rising up, and they are revolting!

Cryptos are an uprising, they are the kick in the teeth to the old establishment…

It is a ‘screw you’ to the indignity felt when a mum of three faced 100’s of pounds worth of bank charges when her husband fell ill, and the wages were a few days late that month and the cashier looked at the P.C. just shrugged her shoulders and was like ‘Next Please!

It is an ‘egg at the window’ of the bank whose cash machine didn’t work and did not dispense you your cash, and you were red faced without the valentines present for your partner and the bank took nearly a month to refund you!

It is a ‘middle finger’ to the banks who made you make all the calls at great cost to clear cash and explain yourself why you need to send to a real friend you know who is in Africa saving lives as a charity worker and with 100 quid he could not buy a bullet let alone be a threat to world peace. He is saving lives not ending them!

The only thing that is keeping Crypto currencies from becoming mainstream is the old school tie establishment who do not want to lose their colossal incomes and control.

In as much as conspiracy theories go; England has only just recently paid off the banks for War Bonds on some wars from last century, so when they are stopping and questioning your 100 quid you would like to send to your nephew who is currently on a charity mission in Uganda, you have every right to say; ‘so its okay for the bank to fund millions of ministry of defense built rifles over the 18-1900’s but 100 quid for my nephew is suspect???’

If the common good all come together, and we all defy the banks, and start accepting and using Crypto currencies maybe it is a way to stop wars altogether and give us all full control over our own hard-earned cash. This, and maybe we can get rid of the fat cat fraternity who we read about year after year, yet we have never done anything about, who fail spectacularly as Bank Managers and have consistently received the equivalent of 20 years average gross salary from the tax payers as a severance!

‘But criminals will use Cryptos!’ we are told, oh really? So, a bank robber will storm a bank somewhere with his sawed off shotgun wearing a balaclava and demand:

 ‘Naa, not used untraceable dollar bills, give me Bitcoins! Here is my QR code! Omfg lol

Maybe this coin will be the next bitcoin (please only invest in what you are prepared to lose)