Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is the idea that business gives back to the community at large; a percentage of their profits to an altruistic programme that benefits the environment and /or its people.

 Over the last few years many corporations began to understand the alignment of marketing and branding to a CSR policy. A company that is deemed to be ‘taking care’ of the environment and it’s residents, makes it easier for the people to make the buying decision to choose this company’s products or services when the time comes. This can make a significant difference to a company’s profitability.

 Some of the best CSR policies have aligned their business with the programe very effectively like rubber companies with tree growing and stopping deforestation, and fashion companies in the West creating better education for  the families of their people they employ in third world countries.

 Such is the power of the marketing knock on effects on profits, that some corporations have been accused of ‘Green washing’, the process of promising aid to ecological ventures thus branding a business as caring and responsible which would help their bottom line, yet failing to meet with the aid promised. There are now ‘name and shame’ websites that are bringing these businesses to account on promises not met.

 Any business embarking on a CSR policy need not feel guilty if it results in improved profitability, people do not mind and are ‘all for it’ if there is more ‘coming back to communities and their environment. Profitability is where it all begins. You have to be able to look after yourself first, before you can be of use to anyone else.

 Netmedia: Owners of the Biz-find directories worldwide recognize the future and the future is our children. The world is flattening and the Congo and Cebu are not exotic places in school text books anymore, and whatever environmental disasters that happen thousands of kilometers away, now affect everyone everywhere.

 It has been our decision to support the Vita Meal programme giving children all over the world a chance with healthy food, which in reality should be a right of all people all over the world. When you give children a chance, you also give the future a chance also.

 We donate 5% of every seller’s membership to the Vita Meal programe and we sincerely hope this makes a difference to a hungry child and allow them to learn and become better citizens after all: that is all we can be to one another.

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