The best chat up lines ever!

The best chat up lines ever!

How to chat up women…

You’ve decided it’s now or never, it’s time to talk to the girl of your dreams, and what you utter is quite simply the first words that you she will forever remember, even if you don’t. Most guys leave this to chance; they rely on fate and blind faith.

Today Ram the tailor man, whom you assumed was just a Tailor in Bangkok, will teach you what to say to women, and how to manage the approach and then what to say just afterward to transition smoothly into an interaction that feels natural and unforced.

The Pre-Opener: Just Say; “Hey”

Believe it or not, all first words should begin with “Hey.” This pre-opener is an important strategy, and because it’s counterintuitive, for example you’d expect that first word to be meaningful, right?—it needs to be explained.

Let me enlighten you:

However you approach woman they will probably be in the state of deep conversation, after all they are woman right, and conversation is a lot more important to them than it is to us men! So whatever you say you are going to be interrupting them!

So when you start talking, you’re breaking their state, and if their response could in any way be, “What?” then you are already struggling, even if they heard what you said. Follow with a pause and a smile of confidence, the curiosity approach works wonders, let a woman always use her imagination rather than you telling her what you think she wants to know, she’s the expert not you, so just ‘Hey’ or ‘Howdy’ or ‘Yo’ or ‘Howledoodlee’ depending wherever you are from or what age you are.

Just make sure it’s something that has no female instant decision.

Secrets of a Successful Opener:

Have a repertoire, a few lines you are confident to deliver, the funnier the better, few things are sexier than if you make a woman laugh quickly, it may be boring to you or your mates, but chances are a young lady has not heard your lines before, especially if it’s original. Don’t ask:

“Do you come here often?” unless your tongue is firmly in your cheek and you ran into her at the fertility Clinic!

If you are particularly shy then a good deep question that will get her talking will give you a chance to relax. There are various types of openers. An indirect opener is one that doesn’t instantly convey your lusty interest in her and doesn’t put much pressure into the interaction. If you say:

“You’re hot and I want to ravage you,” that’s very direct and puts a lot of pressure on her; if you say, “Did you vote for this loony?” there’s no pressure, unless of course the loony you are referring to is her Father! A little common sense goes a long way.

Indirect Openers:

Here are some indirect openers and how they might be used. Different people feel comfortable saying different kinds of things. You can pick a few from below, modify them to fit you better, and later make up your own. You don’t need to remember many. A couple of solid, tried-and-tested openers are enough.

Are you guys talking about me? …Why not?

At business networking when I have explained what I do and if they are interested and ask me for more, after a while I always interject with:

“So that’s enough about you, let’s talk about me”

Empathy is very charming quality in any man.

Humor is the approach here. The key is making certain that the first line is deadpan and the second is delivered with a smile. Women are attracted to the unexpected. When they realize that they’ve fallen into your line, they’ll laugh and become interested in you.

“There’s a guy over there who is so perfect for you!” Then point at a mirror with a few people…

That opener leads nicely into conversation on dating and relationships. Her objection is projected onto the other guy, so you’ve got less chance of getting rejected yourself. It also provides a false disqualifier, meaning something that hides the fact that you are hitting on her, ultimately making it easier to hook a group.

If you’ve got a situation where you’re walking and a girl you’re interested in blocks your path, put your hand up as if to gesture her to stop. Look at her seriously, the key is the pause; it makes her think you’re going to say, “You are gorgeous” or some other clichéd chat up line, But f you do it right it can reap big rewards, try deliver :

“You are so…in my way.”

This more often than not; guarantees a laugh, you should still carry on walking so you need to quickly introduce yourself as you are passing making the whole encounter intriguing.

“Strangers in the night” do bee bee doobee ..see the woman Frank had?!

“Are you girls shy or broke? I’ve been here for ten minutes and you haven’t offered to buy me a drink or even said hi.”

This one puts them on the spot slightly and then releases the tension; they’ll laugh if it’s delivered right.

“Did you invite all these people? I thought it’d just be us.”

This is a semi-direct approach, but the pressure is softened by its humor.
The shock tactic, an old NLP approach that throws the mind into a state of confusion and can be hilarious:

“Can you put beef steak in the same freezer as your murdered flat-mate?”

Then of course there is; the advice openers:

“Hey, I need your advice on something. My flat-mate (before he disappeared somewhere) got the biggest business deal of his life going, and he’s asked me a massive favor. He’s given me two hundred dollars and asked me to get a present for his girlfriend. He’s done so much for me over the years, so of course I was glad to help. I really want to get it right. I’ve been giving it some thought, but I’m pretty stuck. Do you have any ideas?”

This is a great one for daytime, in malls and stores, it panders straight to a girl’s retail heart, but beware if you really hate shopping you could be building a rod for your own back for the future!

Novel and direct chat up lines:

It took a while before I had the confidence to deliver a direct opener. You have to believe in what you say, and be strong with it. Look directly into her eyes, but not for too long, you may have confidence from your success with other openers in the past, or maybe you’re confident because you can tell the girl is attracted to you, then bring out the direct opener and it’ll be fantastic. You will receive super-fast results and women will think you’re incredible because of your boldness. With these direct approaches you can get somewhere really fast!

• I saw you and just had to come and tell you that you have the most amazing smile/energy/legs/fashion sense.

• I know this is kind of random, but I had to tell you that you’re just too cute.

• Do you know who you remind me of? Someone I want to meet.

• I saw you and I knew that if I didn’t come and introduce myself, I’d be kicking myself all day.

So now you know how to approach the woman of your dreams, none of it is going to mean much if you don’t feel confident about how you are attired. So visit us at British Custom Tailors at Terminal 21 Bangkok and we will measure you for success with the woman, even if your lines suck she may just forgive you with a well tailored suit!

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