FAQ’s Advertising banners

FAQ’s Advertising Banners advertising on Biz-find

The home page advert

Home page is the large leader board across the top and appears on every single page seen by all our site visitors, cost currently:

THB 5,000 per/month

6 Months:   THB 25,000

12 Months: THB 42,000

Category banner advertisement

Top of the page above the Thai company listings and Bottom under listings

Current cost THB 2,000 per/month top/ THB 1,000 Bottom

6 Months:   THB 5,000 top /THB 2,500 Bottom

12 Months: THB 9,000 top /THB 4,500 Bottom

Current site statistics is around 6,5,000 visits a month (mostly B2B) with average monthly growth of 7% each month in 2015.

Banner advertising is still very popular for those smart business people who understand the branding principle of getting your name seen, it’s not so much about clicks through to your site, but it matters when people feel they trust your brand name because they have seen it before , making the decision making process easier.

If you have no banner we can make you a really effective dynamic banner by experienced graphic designers for your business for just THB 2,500 that you can use anywhere.

Contact: info@biz-findthailand.com