5 Reasons why a Thailand VC is better than a bank loan

5 Reasons why a Thailand VC is better than a bank loan

If you have a business you started from scratch and you are growing well, there will come a point when your baby starts to outgrow their dungarees to use the vernacular. So what do you do? One option is to go to your bank and get a loan and go it alone, or, instead of going to the bank and lining their plump feline waistlines with outrageous fees you could down the other option which is to find some investment from Angel Investment companies.

Here are five reasons why you should find Investment rather than a Bank.


Banks make a lot of money out of borrowing, in fact apart from overnight trading with your money, a bugbear of many people, they want to lend you money so badly, because they will make a huge percentage of the total loan amount just in application charges, release fees, Bank managers bonus fees etc. even before they get their basic interest each month off your loan.

Investors however, need you to make money because your success makes them more money, therefore Investors will have a greater incentive to help you all the way through the life of your business, and the banks don’t really care if you do well or not, as long as they get their upfront fees and Interest of your loan.  


Also many banks these days listen to their computer and make their decision to loan businesses money based on their software, numbers and algorithms and not the person on the other side of the table, this actually makes my blood boil when I think of how many years ago a Bank Manager was a trusted person within any community and was hired on certain skill sets and would be a greater manager of people than any computer could ever be. He knew families and understood your business and could make a decision based on hunches, trust, and what he knew about your character, and was the cornerstone of many great businesses today.

Investors are autonomous in their decisions and you can have a much better chance of getting investment in your business, if the Investors see and share your vision that no bank’s computer will never be able to see!

No Loans

By having an investment company take a share of your business they are in fact sharing with you the success you see for your business without being in debt to any bank, shares are negotiable, you as a business owner will know instinctively what you can afford to give away in return for all the advantages that come with a new partnership.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

Anyone who has seen the television show Dragon’s Den will realise that company owners who pitch to the dragons are expecting as much input from the Dragon’s expertise and business network to help them progress as much as they need the cash if they get accepted.

You cannot possibly do well at the things you do not enjoy and success at anything calls for a consistent knowledge and practice of all the elements that go into any venture. I personally hate the accountancy side of things so I am always grateful to throw my receipts and Invoices at my Accountant and they always find ways for me to be more tax efficient. Some people hate sales for example, well guess what? Believe it or not some people love closing and geting order forms signed off!

Most Investment companies will have a range of expertise on the table to help your business recognise weaker areas and address them, and expand on your stronger skill sets, Investment businesses need you to do well and having an honest audit by teams of professionals will help you and your business improve all areas.


Once part of an Investment organisation, not only will you have the cash injection you need and expertise of the successful Investors, you are also connected to all the other businesses that the Investors are part of. You will then be pitched to those companies and business reciprocation will be encouraged throughout the organisation. Your skill sets will be paramount on the mind of Investors when you are initially pitching to them, as they can foresee how your abilities and your company will be an asset to all the other companies the Investors are helping. The other companies will also be able to offer you a preferential rate for their services a win-win all round.

Ask any bank if they will let you have a list of their companies they have lent money too so you can go and meet them all and sell to them and this will probably be their reaction:

Netmedia is a company in Thailand helping S.M.E.’s with great ideas and growth potential get to the next level through cash Investment and business mentorship. We know a few Angel Investors so let us know.