3 Tips for Helping Buyers Overcome their Fear

3 Tips for Helping Buyers Overcome their Fear

Today we have are proud to have a guest post from Janel Kane:

Overcoming the buying process

The buying process can be a fearful one for many customers. This is especially true with complicated purchases or purchases that represent a large investment. Part of the sales process is helping your buyers overcome their purchase fears to make a decision. There are three essential things your sales team must be doing to dispel their buyer’s fears.
First, you must provide your team with the tools to discover those fears along with the needs and requirements of the buyer. Your team needs support so that they can align themselves to answer the buyers’ fears, and finally treat answering your customer’s purchase fears as the teaching opportunity that opens doors for the buyer to experience the value you provide.

1. Strategize your Discovery

You cannot assuage your buyer’s fears if you don’t know what they are. Discovery is the process that your sales team uses to learn the buyer’s needs and preferences, budget requirements, pain points and degree of urgency. With planning and preparation, the process of discovery can be a deliberate part of your department’s sales strategy.
Determining what is essential for your team to discover about your customers will require mining sales history for information. What are the most often cited objections? What are your customer’s needs? And, most importantly, what are the most common answers to your discovery questions? Quantifying and prioritizing your sales’ team discovery process is the first step to being able to overcome buyers’ fears. Listen to each customer individually, but also use analysis tools that allow you to see the bigger picture and identify segment trends.

2. Align Your Benefits and Value

Taking the lessons learned in discovery, your well prepared sales team can make sure that their message aligns your product with the needs, requirements and fears of the buyer. Good support from marketing is important to give your team materials that help them align their message, but in order for that to succeed you need to first know what typical fears are common among segments of your target audience.
Studying the sales process can yield a wealth of information about segments of your market and common fears, objections or misinformation they may be operating with, as well as the requirements and expectations they have. By identifying the purchasing behaviors and concerns of these segments, your expert sales team can more easily discern how to tailor their message based on clear data.

Knowing that a sales associate understands the fears and concerns of your target customer will not, alone, erase that buyer’s fear, but it prepares your team to be ready with the message that answers those fears before they are even voiced.

3. Handle Objections and Correct Misinformation

With the insights gained from discovery and through clear lead scoring data analysis, the sales team can begin to dispel common fears even before the buyer has registered an objection. It may even allow an astute sales team to begin to read between the lines when customers do not share their fears in order to identify likely snags in the buyer’s purchase decision.

Strategized discovery and data analysis of the sales process can also identify areas of misinformation or teaching opportunities among your customers. When your sales team is able to provide value in the way of teaching, it can be a strong tool for whisking away purchasing fears.

Too often when sales targets are a struggle it is tempting to fall back on activity management—an increase in calls, meetings, proposals– rather than using data to improve the sales team’s chance of correctly identifying opportunities, collecting empirical data on the sales process and objectively scoring leads. By instead turning to data to better engage customers on the purchasing decision, including purchase fears, rather than focusing on generating more quantity of sales actions, your team builds a stronger bond with your market.

Janel Kane

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