12 Unbelievable reasons to be fired, and how to cope with losing your job.

12 Unbelievable reasons to be fired, and how to cope with losing your job.

Being let go from a job for whatever reason is a horrible feeling.

And usually, we know if we deserve it.

Some of the reasons are justified, but can you imagine being let go for not being able to staple paper in a certain way?

I can’t! As recruitment specialists we also get to see some oddities in the industry from the opposite end of recruiting.

Are these reasons real they were what we have heard in our industry? We’ll let you decide.

1. Frozen desserts and rump steak!

“I used to take boxes of donuts from the counter and hide them in the freezer so I could eat them when I had to go in there to clean it out.”

I’m guessing they worked in a doughnut shop? Stealing products is probably not the smartest way to impress management.

We also heard from this guy:

“Many years ago, my first job was in a butcher’s shop and after stock take when we closed shop Saturday evenings you were given a bag by the Manager to go into the fridge and take some food home for the weekend, a perk of the job if you like.

This was were you were tested to see if you had a modicum of modesty in what you took, trying to shoulder a side of beef out of the fridge was not my best choice, I remember waving to them as I passed by the shop the following Saturday, they never waved back!”

a side is only half!

2. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity…

“I asked a famous actor for an autograph whilst they were eating at the restaurant that I worked in.”

This seems a bit harsh. We all do silly things when we’re a little starstruck, and a good reason to make sure the job contract is up to date and all foibles like this are addressed from the outset.

 3. Get a grip…

“I couldn’t staple papers to my boss’s satisfaction, so I lost my job.”

Wow. Just wow. Surely deeper underlying reasons here, are you sure you did not sleep with the boss’s husband and she found out?

 4. Nobody likes the fridge fiend!

“I got fired because I stole people’s food from the fridge.”

Really? I think 90% of us agree, there are a few things more annoying in life that when you cannot trust people with your food!

 5. They should have just stood their ground…

“I was a security guard and got fired for yawning because I was supposed to ‘just stand there’.”

Yawning is surely not a sackable offense? Yes and No, just generally apathy and respect for any position is paramount, yawning as a security guard is tantamount to taking a bite out of someone’s sandwich before selling it to them in a deli! You are there to remain alert that is the basic concept of security, yawning is the opposite of alertness, bet it was not your first time.

 6. It cost them their job…

“I charged people 20p instead of £20 on my first day working in a noodle bar.”

And no one fessed up? Seems a little unfair.

Did we not have a simple math test when you joined or did your referrals mention you were number blind?

 7. Tone down the competitiveness.

“I coached a basketball team and I got fired because we won 100-0; apparently that was too much to beat a team by.”

But… I’m sure that’s what you’re supposed to do if you’re a coach. Were the other side asleep or where they all still in their diapers?

 8. Not all publicity is good publicity…

“I stopped a car being robbed whilst on shift – I got fired for bringing too much publicity to my workplace.”

Sacking a hero? Doesn’t seem quite right. Must be more to this. Maybe the robber was a relative?

 9. Orange you glad you wore blue that day?

“14 of us wore orange to work due to a work tradition and we all got fired by our new managers.”

Note to self: don’t coordinate clothes with colleagues, thinking back perhaps having an ex con day maybe not a bright idea!

Orange is the new navy!

 10. Sports and the workplace don’t do well together.

“I was fired for wearing a tie that sported the colours of my favourite football team.”

Depends what team it was, I guess…what he did not mention was; he was the barman in the Manchester United Lounge and the Liverpool F.C. tie well, use your imagination

 11. Strange really…

“I got fired for saying ‘Ho-ho-ho’ whilst dressed as Santa… Apparently it had to be ‘Ha-ha-ha’.”

Great way to spread cheer during the festive season. This is hard to believe unless ho ho ho had a different meaning and you just wanted to antagonize. It is all about managing expectations.

 12. When you need to know, you need to know.

“I was fired for asking my students for dating advice. They were 8-9 years of age.”

OK. That one seems a bit more justified.


So… is your situation looking a bit better now?

This blog post is meant to be lighthearted and fun – but getting sacked is no laughing matter. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

However, it really isn’t the end of the world. If you have been ‘let go:’

Ask yourself some tough questions

Keep in mind that the reasons your boss or HR give for your firing might not tell the whole story. Often it may just be egos or even jealousy disguised as something else.

Take the time to recall the feedback that you received over the time that you were working at that company. Consider:

What did my manager say about my performance? What did my co-workers say about my attitude? Was there anything, from a customer standpoint, I could have done differently?

Taking the opportunity for self-reflection will help you outline new goals for your career. Remember: reflect, don’t dwell.

Don’t forget about your strengths

When you’re feeling down in the dumps about getting fired, it’s easy to only see the negative. Chances are your self-esteem has taken a dive. After you’ve done an honest assessment of where you can improve, turn your attention to the many, many reasons why you are not a loser.

I remember when I lost my first job it felt like the end of the world I was so scared to go home and tell my Dad, now older I reflect upon those fearful emotions and they all are 99% unfounded and lost in youth, I could never be writing to you today from a beach if I had not been given my marching orders , well I don’t think I could carry a side of beef home anyway at my age!

What positives can you take from it?

Think: What unique challenges did you meet head-on and overcome? What good things did your coworkers say about you? What are some of the accomplishments you bragged about to your friends, family, and loved ones? What are you most proud of?

Moreover, what experience have you gathered from the position you had, has it made you more effective? Look for the lessons from this, remember its over and you can now move on.

Remember that your new insights will help you move forward

Employers want to hire people who have strong emotional intelligence (i.e. self-awareness). Getting fired from a job—whether it’s one you love or hate—will help you train that muscle.

Use this time to consider what about your old job you didn’t like. Maybe it was the type of work you were doing. Maybe it was your manager. Or maybe the company’s ethos didn’t align with yours. Whatever it was, you can reflect on what type of work environments you flourish in! Make it a point to seek out that kind of environment in your next role.

Remember we are not just there for the great days when you land a role…..

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