Getting Started; Keeping Going; Giving Up? What to keep in Mind!

Getting Started; Keeping Going; Giving Up? What to keep in Mind!

Getting started involves getting in alignment to act synergistically as a whole; knowing what you want and what you stand for. The key to beginning anything is to set an intention and create awareness around that which you want.

What is your core focus and aim…your foundation for being?

Is it to be rich; to achieve; to create an empire; to leave a legacy?

Getting started on our endeavors is easy when we are motivated and enthused. However what about when we have started and things aren’t going as we dreamed? It is harder to get started again when there is no momentum in our projects and we lack drive and feel overwhelmed or worse; that we are failures. What then?

It is hard to have clarity without care.

A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder”

Eileen Caddy.

Your choice and direction of life will be determined by your repeated habitual thoughts.

In order to deliberately create our reality we must first acknowledge this historic truth. Do not persevere in those thoughts you know can only bring pain, misery and anguish. Bail up and challenge these intruders and imposters of mind. You are always thinking, whether you acknowledge the process or not. Power for deliberate creation is derived from mindfulness and awareness. This is a process of learning just as mindlessness is unlearned.

Ignore the ‘shoulds’ of others. Their advice is relevant to them. Choose your thoughts as you would select your friends and companions. Value and nurture your thoughts as you would any valued relationship. This attention and effort will be recognized and aptly rewarded in the achievements of your life.

Your choice and direction of life will be determined by your repeated habitual actions.

Yes, your habits reveal you! Your repeated actions blatantly display your true beliefs, not your purported beliefs. Choose your habits wisely, as you have selected your thoughts, observe your actions. Do you ‘Walk your Talk’, or are you falsely proclaiming yourself to others. The deed will always reveal the truth.

As an ex policewoman I’ve encountered many a smooth talker however gruesome evidence to the contrary brought them undone time and time again. As they say; you can’t hide a corpse, the stench will soon give its location away. I believe the same applies for what I call ‘rotted people, the evidence of their lives soon gives away the toxic dumpsite they have allowed their minds to become.

Some people may attempt to disguise poor behavior and actions by saying, they did not mean to hurt you or that they did not mean to lie. The truth is that they did not mean to care or that they did not intend to be truthful. If they did the action would correspond with the thought.

Love is as Love does. Integrity is Integrity. Make your actions match your intentions. Be true to you; that is the power of deliberate creation. Your actions will then be in alignment with the blueprint that you have held in your mind and a foundation for your ongoing success is established.

Do not say what you do not intend to do. Promises are like babies, they can be easy to make but can be harder to deliver. Challenge yourself to be true to your word.

Give your word substance and value by the support and back up of your actions.

All great leaders are recognized by their deeds!

A friend of mine only recently reminded me at a time of my own personal stagnation that its only 2% that truly achieve success and that if it was 98% then it would be easy and everybody would be contented and successful. As we look around our world we can see that this is not the case and so those of us that can succeed carry a greater responsibility of leadership to ‘be and do’ more for those on this planet that are unable to.

Our greatest achievements come from our own ability to create and demonstrate; again what we ‘think’ and what we ‘do’. So if you have found yourself caught up in challenges, now is the time to set your intention and fill your mind with nothing other than that intention.

“Bid your fears goodbye. Think on any wonderful thought and you CAN fly” Peter Pan

Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar


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