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Video production Agency London :

Scorch London is one of UK’s elite video production agencies with experts in various disciplines such as TV commercials, motion design, digital media, business communication, and many more. They’ve gathered so much experience in the field to the extent that they produce a wide range of quality content for the diverse niches round the world.

One of the reasons why they are seen as UK’s elite is because of the creative ideas they possess which no other company does and is the main driving force behind their ability of creating the very best video for their clients. In order to develop creative ideas to your company’s product, Scorch London learns all about your company’s product and brands by asking relevant questions capable of helping them acquire enough information to build on.

Once they are through with brainstorming on the best concept to fit your company, their experts write the script, create the style frames, and develop the required storyboard. While doing all these, they keep on injecting new ideas to the script and the general style they intend using until they are able to fully capture the minds of your prospective clients.

After the concept and plan is ready, they then go into the proper film production. With their experience in producing some of the most innovative and freshest videos currently spanning diverse industries around the globe, you are sure of getting the best concept, quality, direction, and style for your project.

With Scorch London’s highly skilled creative and technical staffs, they are capable of handling any type of video production given to them ranging from simpler productions to large scale complex productions and moving away from their expert production team, their motion graphics department is the largest and dedicated in-house department you’ll ever find in the UK consisting of quality and experienced designers the industry has to offer. Their capability of producing perfect 2D animation, 3D animation, animated typography, character design and full-blown CG animation is enough to prove their pedigree.

In terms of postproduction, they have a talented postproduction and editing crew capable of handling both online and offline editing, sound design, music composition, and audio postproduction on any project handed to them.

If you are looking for a video production company that delivers on its promises, then you are looking for Scorch London so quit your search and have their deft touches explored on your project.

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