There is a fable that tells of a student, holding a candle, who approaches his teacher, a monk, with a question; “Master, where does the light come from?” he asked. The monk, pondered the question for a moment, blew out the candle and answered: “O Young One, where did it go?” Both teacher and student bowed and smiled at each other in perfect understanding and went about their separate ways.

This simple fable talks about the intricacies of learning and teaching and the way these unfold in every culture. When a student asks a question and the teacher ponders on it, roles are reversed and in that magic moment, the student teaches and the teacher learns. It is an acknowledgement of perfect comprehension, enlightenment, and respect for one another.

The Resource for Educators and Academic Professionals (REAP) is centered on empowering teachers so that they create that magic moment with their learners and it becomes a standard rather than an accident.

REAP is a training and consultancy firm that caters to the education sector. It aims to develop the whole child through the whole teacher because he is the one of the greatest influences in a young person’s growth. REAP believes that for teachers to be whole, they must be acutely developed as persons, as trainers and as educators.

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